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So i recommend that podcast and i also recommend this mic sweeney's piece that you recommended i have one more i'm going to have an issue digital one what's the extra one it's actually this amazing so we'll you probably heard ninety nine percent of visible it's one of my favorites i going back to archive for the plane trip this morning and it they had a phenomenal one an episode called a seven hundred foot mountain of whip cream and it's a amazing trip through online or through radio jingles like the the radio ad jingle from like nineteen twenties all the way to today including you know icon i wanna buy the world coke and it's just really really well done so if you who was a successful radio jingle writer david smart know barry manilow and do you know some of the ones he wrote i know he did a mcdonnell i think he did one of the mcdonald's a break today barry manilow one yeah i mean i my my mom like very minimal so we have an alive album i we had barry manilow albums too yeah so the live on react she sings jingles i do the the like a good neighbor state farm is there i believe he wrote that one so anyway this very menlo it's really enjoyable podcasts i'd recommend it we'll put the favorite barry manilow too brandy brandy it's mandy mandy okay i met a woman at a conference name mandy and i made that goes is that you named after the barry manilow song say yes my parents didn't amy after the very mendelssohn.

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