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So the I found it interesting the the win on Saturday when Batanes through the wild pitch? To To win the game of the Yankees. Kratz was squaring to bunt with Clint Frazier on third so they were going to do a squeeze play. That is not very late two, thousand, ten's Yankees like. It was a safety squeeze 'cause. I'm I trust? I trust that is. He's a fundamentally I'd. He went to the Tom Manzke School of and you don't stay in the League mcgriff would be to stay in the league this long and you're not. Up Up to snuff on your fundamentals that guy can bunt Right. He. Still plays pepper before games. The thing I was really looking forward to with these extra inning games with the runner starting on second base hot as the Yankees. Hand like that's why I wanted to see it do they everybody's They didn't bunt they're trying to hit the ball five, hundred feet. No matter who it is. They were lucky to win the first game I think because. Got bloop single by Geo. With to outscore the run and great and then today they loaded the bases and Gary Sanchez. Hit a batting practice batting practice pitch five, hundred feet batting practice pitcher that he got the the the jordy mercer non bunt drove meal. Little nuts. Sitting there like what are we doing here like I even if you're not gonNA. But if you're not to bunch already mercer who the Hell I definitely call them jody mercer because I feel like that's what it should be. I feel like Jodi Mercer when I see him, he's A. you know a a baseball tops baseball card from nineteen ninety-five. Well. I mean it's just not how the are built. it's it's not in their philosophy it's not heather bill. They refused to do it even when Jodi Jordy Mercer Excuse me Jordy Mercer is at the plate. Don't you sully his good? That's ridiculous. That's ridiculous I agree I agree but. That's how they operate He did get a knock later in the game to. Of course he did it set up the winning run. Not. The same situation though. Delegates is still still win in the Yankees ballgames and he still he still got velocity issues and now kind of like aknowledging that that's it like that's probably what it's going to be ninety four. So I guess this last time when he was with the Yankees when he couldn't get it ramped up again by saying the same dialogue same dialogue because he always does this spring training. He never got back up. That's a shame. It's a shame. It's a shame what happened to him and his honestly. Did be whips kill him. Said I was such a huge is awesome. Yeah. I thought he's just got a bad rap with the team. He was. He got he got screwed by the team for a while and then when he had the opportunity to like I'm a bona closer shit the bed completely shut the bed. Situation. Anything else baseball. Wise you WanNa talk about from from the weekend. I mean I really can't stress enough how huge those three wins were like to to really feel good about that weekend versus feeling terrible J. Half throw ninety four miles per hour. cording to era. That's a big difference between him. Throw Ninety, three, ninety, four, the different J. Ninety-three. Badger ninety-four good job so. So. Was the gone hot or was he? Figure out an arm slot is he pissed at Brian. Cashman for skin starts look what's going on with seventeen million dollars on the line. Talking motivate someone dangle. Seventy..

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