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Told the employee that she'd rob the place to get her dipping sauces and she get our hands on that dipping sauce sampler quota by whatever means necessary the Malcolm X. the employee's call the cops and she was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest she's nineteen years old he's ordered a bunch of food at three forty five from McDonald's she's from vero beach he wants all the stuff she rob the place if she has too hot or not no way no way unless he's he's like high you and that's why she wants all the food in this I'm a Saddam is a no way is it now I said No Way will blow P. hello nineteen nineteen three out of five AM it down as you give me all the sauces yeah crazy crazy level the hotness for that only she actually but she got a bad tooth I see AG diamond what are you saying im say not there's a hot yeah hi Joe you go into the picture please yeah not bad yeah yeah I mean I would bill route you that's awesome sauce for what Donald so I used to I used to always do the what is at this week's our I like the tangy barbecue I don't get any I met you like sauce but I don't like if I go to PDQ I want honey mustard no right but I don't I'm not a big sales guy when he's as good barbecue however the returns us whenever you and I I think I'll just isolationism well no one hundred it's all the meat.

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