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William men within <Speech_Male> cnn after <Speech_Music_Male> he wasn't around for years <Speech_Music_Male> and years and years <Speech_Music_Male> like philadelphia <Speech_Male> became <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> <Silence> prostitution <Speech_Male> written <Speech_Male> it became dirty <Speech_Male> and in seventeen <Speech_Male> forty ben <Speech_Male> franklin other men <Speech_Male> found in <Speech_Male> a union <Speech_Male> with an idea cleanup <Speech_Male> philadelphia <Speech_Male> be employees <Speech_Male> got together with employees <Speech_Male> employees are <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> these <Speech_Male> literate <Speech_Male> industrialists <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> that we're able to <Speech_Male> build their own little thing <Speech_Male> that you're company dirty <Speech_Male> boyce fifteen boys <Speech_Male> water <Speech_Male> cooler talk <Speech_Male> <Speech_Music_Male> <SpeakerChange> never <Speech_Music_Male> created america <Speech_Music_Male> so the founding <Speech_Music_Male> fathers they get together <Speech_Music_Male> and they start the union <Speech_Male> now seventeen seventy six <Speech_Music_Male> is way far out i would <Speech_Music_Male> argue that suzy inception <Speech_Music_Male> of ideas <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> on technology drives <Speech_Male> us by <Speech_Music_Male> contrast to accept <Speech_Male> yes <Speech_Male> they <SpeakerChange> were able <Speech_Male> to make <Speech_Music_Male> ends meet without <Speech_Male> the help of england <Speech_Male> and even in the best <Speech_Male> time ever <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> they believe <Speech_Male> they were being taken advantage <Speech_Male> of <Speech_Male> better technology <Speech_Male> so because <Speech_Male> i remember because <Speech_Male> of technological <Speech_Male> development <Speech_Male> they could see through <Speech_Male> the veil of the <Speech_Male> poor leadership <Speech_Male> of the manager <Speech_Male> william penn <Speech_Male> who was <Speech_Male> a disconnect <Speech_Male> from king george <Speech_Male> and it trickles <Speech_Male> on the top and <Speech_Male> the kings <Speech_Male> jor it would <Speech_Male> set up a failure begin <Speech_Male> with because <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> there was no cultural <Speech_Music_Male> item yeah he won <Speech_Music_Male> some <Speech_Music_Male> people that just landed <Speech_Male> here they were <Speech_Male> able to build <Speech_Male> new technology <Speech_Music_Male> their own ecosystem <Speech_Music_Male> like their own <Speech_Music_Male> role economy <Speech_Male> through their <Speech_Male> own ecosystem <Speech_Male> of shared <Speech_Male> and he's brilliant <Speech_Male> literate man <Speech_Male> got together <Speech_Male> and attempt to decrease <Speech_Male> the first <Speech_Male> company <Speech_Male> of that nature <Speech_Male> this democracy <Speech_Male> and we <Speech_Music_Male> go no no you understand <Speech_Male> the point <Speech_Male> why don't you toppings <Speech_Male> and you understanding of <Speech_Male> human behavior <Speech_Male> on less <Speech_Male> and creating ideas <Speech_Male> i mean <Speech_Male> walmart <Speech_Male> on <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> like any of these like <Speech_Male> i could be wrong <Speech_Male> or died <Speech_Male> on <Speech_Male> sam walton that <Speech_Male> in his book <Speech_Male> because when i watched <Speech_Male> a podcast recently <Speech_Music_Male> of a seal mardi <Speech_Male> dancing <Speech_Male> what's your favorite book <Speech_Male> and even saying made <Speech_Male> america <Speech_Male> hey <SpeakerChange> pastor <Speech_Male> what's your favorite

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