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I saw i'll of dogs boy and as you'll recall i kind of went off on people being upset about this being cultural appropriation what have you i will say every japanese character in the film although they are played by japanese people talks and that kind of like oh right and it's a little unsettling knowing that it was written and directed by the whitest man alive wes anderson but by and large i thought the movie was pretty harmless it was i really thought the fantastic mr fox was fantastic frankly thought it was funny i really enjoyed it this movie looks every bit as great every single shot of it could be like framed and mounted over a fireplace didn't give a fuck about any i mean the story is complete nonsense the he's always been like the dryest possible sense of humor but like i think a big part of it was owned wilson co wrote royal tenenbaums rushmore badeah rocket and that and the jokes really hit in those movies and here they're just like barely even attempts and the cast is bill murray and bryan cranston and all this and there wasn't a laugh to be had i wish i could recommend it because of the amount of care that went into making it i like stop motion i think it's a great and underused format but the movie is is nothing for it i had no interest yeah and i do love dogs yeah no interest i watched.

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