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No i'll try to pick a fine i'll find i'll stay up late one of these i something good to go and what they're like greens are they can they be can they be proper taco filling right now and no conflict cruiser be fries versus sweet potato fries fight me except for those are the most important feice delicious fight all guy where all winners their baby telling you so um uh one thing i'm i'm interested in this like you're not well let me ask it where you cooking now way where do you cook joey i mean you you have so we already have where you live and uen but you're you're professional of food people right so allegedly i don't know is this is what are we we're not we're not like people will try to intro a chefs nyu us like st dr anne chef you have said why didn't call you should have no at the first back we we did it out of math department i m and then so now we have a little office space for march in the was sort of burma kitchen that we wrote the first booking yeah it's smaller than the booth moreno yeah it's like a quarter of the size it's one of the and one of those apartment a stoves where you can't like boil water and like have a saute hand on at the same time though like i don't fucking wanna hear it you don't have room to cook in the new.

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