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In the 6900 block of South Cal, you met That's in the park Manor neighborhood. Police are working to find out exactly what happened here. Police say the girl's father told them he heard a noise coming from the back of the house about an hour before any shots were fired. When he went to go check it out and see what was going on. He says the door had been knocked down in the back of the unit. The girl's suffered a graze wound to the cheek and is expected to be okay. Police are still looking for a suspect chance the rapper's charity social works is giving away 252 153 turkeys today. The first stop is that the Progressive Baptist Church doctor Charlie Dates says this giveaway is more important than ever. The need is far greater than we could have imagined. The lines were wrapped about three blocks back. 45 minutes before we started. Turkeys were also passed that it Lily Dale Baptist Church. They'll be given away at the X as tennis facility until five this afternoon. WG on sports Here's Kevin Powell you came the first college football playoff rankings of the season will be released tonight. In six seasons of the playoff. The first top four has never included all the eventual playoff teams, and only twice as it included even three of the four eventual semi finalists. The first four tonight expected to be Alabama clubs in Ohio State and Notre Dame, Northwestern. Currently 11th of the AP Top 25 there on a On the path to the Big 10 championship in a few weeks, scheduled off day for the Bears after a much needed by week receiver Alan Robinson on getting a breather from a frustrating season. I've been in this league for seven years. I think it's been a time we're Players were team time frustrated at someone with something so big. I mean, it was good to just you know how to get the time off to get the body heal it up in many different ways. We'll get more on the status of Nick Foles and Mitch Stravinsky tomorrow when the Bears returned to hell, Asshole. The Ravens will conduct all team activities, virtually with time running out before their scheduled matchup against unbeaten Pittsburgh Thanksgiving night running backs Mark Ingram and JK Dobbins, along with defensive tackle Brandon Williams. Were placed on the covert 19 list yesterday and in the N B, a restricted free agent Brandon Ingram, agreeing to a five year $158 million contract with the Pelicans. I'm Kevin Powell, WGN.

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