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Equivalent to the price for finishing in a tie for twelve, a lot of money British Open. Yeah, only this wasn't the pro golfer. Tommy Fleetwood who finished twelfth at Carnoustie. It was another guy named Tom Fleetwood while so happened to be a PGA. Golf pro. They wired it into his account even though he didn't ask for it. Yeah, he sent it back right away. Sure. Here's my question. How small of amount. Would the money needed to be for you not to send it back in other words, hundred fifty, four thousand. You're sending it back. Ridiculous amount of money. If the Bank gave you five dollars by mistake, probably keeping that what's the amount that you call the Mankin and tell them about it? One hundred dollars. Fifty dollars. What? What's the amount where you actually say, okay, I got. I got a call him. This is all right. I've got a rule in life. I gotta be able to look at myself in the mirror, right. So what's that number hundred bucks? So anything ninety will say, hey, well, ninety. I mean at some point it becomes more hassle. And I mean if they come asking but I just don't feel good about like if somebody makes change wrong for me, I always same way back like I don't. I don't wanna be. I don't like to feel like I'm taking advantage for me. It's twenty bucks, twenty bucks if it's less than twenty. I'll I'll keep it if it's more than twenty or more. I'm I'm blowing the whistle on myself. Yeah, but one hundred fifty, four thousand and I am the guy by the way and I don't know about you if you find a bag of money somewhere. Yeah, totally unaccounted for there's no, it's it's a bag of a hundred thousand dollars. You find it on the side of the run the side of the road. Nobody's name don't know where it's from. So, no. How gotten what would you do. I would turn it into the police. I would either do that or I would go on the radio and and tell that story. All right. How do we find the rightful owner and try and do it that we like the other day I saw just yesterday I was driving around and I saw on a post the those a poodle that was missing dog that was missing and they said two thousand dollar reward. And I said, man, I would love. I don't why thought this. But I said, I would love to find that dog and go to the owner and say, I want nothing. I want zero. Here's your dog back. How good would that feel like? Fantastic. If you gave that guy's dog back and I don't wanna pay any of it. Yep. Which which I think would be cool. I always feel bad for people that lose pets like would never take a dime from anybody that pet hair. I found a check or I. Right. This is a little dark one, but I'm going to go ahead with it in two thousand six. I had no idea about this. Robert. Maxwell was sentenced to fifteen years in prison for shooting and killing Serena Williams, half sister. I saw this tune to price. Yeah, Maxwell was paroled last month that Serena found out about it. Just minutes before match while she was scrolling through Instagram, the six, one? Six. Oh, defeat to. Serena won one game. Yeah. In to set in the opening round of the Silicon Valley classic was the worst of her twenty three year career. Serena told time magazine, no matter what my sister is not no matter what my sister's not coming back for good behavior. It's unfair that she'll never have an opportunity to hug me again a few questions. What do you think of the fact that Maxwell who was convicted of murder was paroled after fifteen years doesn't make sense. I don't know. What is circumstances are that woman that he killed had three kids? Yeah. I don't know in what world you get off for good behavior off a murder murder is normally order is seventy five to life. Yeah. Yeah. I'm with Serena that one. And second. If somebody close to you. Was murdered k.. Could you ever find forgiveness for that person? It's a great question and serene actually talked about this. She said, I need to find it because I now have a one year old and I want I don't want her carrying around this..

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