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For 19 nineties Cyrano de Bergerac Gerard Depardieu has been indicted on rape and sexual assault charges. A judicial source from the Paris prosecutor's office confirms to ABC News. Depardieu was indicted back in December, but he hasn't been arrested. According to reports. The alleged victim of French actress was 22 at the time, she says Depardieu raped her. At his home in Paris in 2018 deputies, lawyer tells a F P The actor totally disputes the accusations. The HBO DOCUSERIES Allenby Ferro makes the case that Woody Allen molested a seven year old daughter, Dylan in the early nineties that HBO not removing Allen's films from the Streaming Service, HBO Max, saying in a statement that viewers can make their own informed decisions about screening the work because the video game progress being turned into a serious for the streaming service peacock. Contestants will play a real life version of the game. We're told the winner will get a huge cash prize on shark Tank start. Daymond John is 52 Tuesday. Jason Nathan's an NBC News. Hollywood. Remaining members of Soundgarden's say they're confident clarity will come out in court after Chris Cornell's widows sued the band. Making Cornell suing, claiming the band's buyout offer is ludicrously low variety reports She wanted $21 million for her steak instead of the $300,000 offered the man's statement called Cornell Demand grossly mischaracterized. What you doing? Designing my new 2021. Nissan kicks online in the case Color studio I give each a special name This one's electric blue, orange red white. I call it the gumball machine. You think it's me? I feel like you're more of a red velvet guy. Limitless possibilities.

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