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Game the studio Elliott Marty Jones begun giving credit. It wasn't even a question that takes off the words, and I know for fact, there were some name writers, you know, one very well known. Rider who probably affected the running of the Belmont when he wrote against him. But I I think there was some conversation between that writer and John service at that rider. Jerry belly wanted to ride smarty Jones, not I think some conversations of place, and you gotta give John granted stuck with. To you know. And I just thought that the only mistake maybe pending in may, you know, staying up here in the wintertime when that horse shit, you know, I know I got family of here. But it's not alone time. I'd have to be going. I'm going to Florida for this winter, you know, and and try to maintain connection with the worst down there because you're right down there. And maybe it would've turned out different. But you know, I've made mistakes that route my career were I was very comfortable. My my comfort zone was keystone, Philadelphia, park and parts and never left when I had opportunity to ride for different trainers. I wrote orders for LeRoy jolly, I wrote orange his rank white league browley Juergens and at virginity at one eighty nine yards and my comfort zone and were of several other reasons was stay in that t- stone Philadelphia park. And maybe Frankie decided I'm gonna stay where I'm most comfortable, and I've had the most experience of success. But I think Frankie maybe could feel the deal. He says. Says I'm going to Florida for the winter. I mean, what are you going to miss days like this on horses in the morning? What are you going to miss, you know, days cancelation, and maybe a bunch of winners, but you'll take and you'll you'll you'll maintain probably contact with Maximus mischief and stay on. And you know what? You'll also advertise yourself. Well, if you just had moderate success when you go to Florida at this time of year, even with all the heavy has down there. If you have moderate success, nobody expecting you like the world on fire have maters excess winsome raises put your name out there. Probably wind up having contact with other known trainers. You know, it would have done his his business. Good. I don't know. What influencing just to stay up here. Whether is agent Bobby Marquel? Didn't wanna let him go. Or you know, he could have maintained contact with Bobby. When it came back. But he also could go into Florida and gotten a Florida Jin. I'm sure somebody taking that's well known down. There. Frankie should have gone to Florida. That's my take on it. But as a my take on it is those owner should stop waiting. It's a very it's very difficult. Scenario. We we bring up Jeremy rose Johnny Rotem that day in the in the rebel. And then rose was back. He then wrote on the rest of his career. And you know, I I know there's people that. That will say. Rose may have made a mistake in the derby in going as close down inside is he did, you know, which might not have been the best part of of the racetrack. And that you know that Alex kind of bogged down late in that race. You know, obviously, there's people that are going to continue to critique Stuey regarding smarty Jones in the Belmont, the other horse that comes to mind who did. Stick with with a writer through the season lawyer run, and and John Mckee. Bob Holtus until until lawyer, Ron. Moved to the Pletcher and then at that point Mckee Makita ride from that point. But Bob old. This was was undeterred the he was writing John Mckee, no matter what on on lawyer, Ron I remember that was also a, you know, a quote unquote regional writer that and didn't we have we had this with? We had this with the good Philly withstand with Stanley gold with. Oh my gosh. With awesome. Feather. Who was the writer down there? The from Florida that. You know, everybody was trying to buzz around to get him knocked off had Stanley wouldn't wouldn't hear of it? Yeah. You know, you gotta get people. Greg it when they do stick with the right?.

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