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Don't know. Is it is it Jesus. Or is it a Elizabeth Espinosa? I'm not sure which one here's the thing. I came in and other than the chairs being completely like why were the chairs where they were nothing was in near the microphone anywhere. But all right. So we started off there's a bottle of smartwater here. All right. Good smartwater half empty, but fine next to it. A half drunk bottle of Kombucha. So now, we're thinking all right. Somebody's really getting on board the health train. Right. But guess what I found under the desk. Three. Nhs. That's probably from Conway L. That's gross. Was not Conway anway wasn't here. Sunday morning. I know but Conway with we were here yesterday morning there were no fun. Right. Okay. Rossio right, funding's Cambodia and functions. Okay. They're trying. They're starting or I'm just saying it's either Elizabeth or Jesus I'm not putting it past either one of them to enjoy a funding. But I'm thinking Elizabeth is who leaves them laying around. Why Jesus didn't clean the funds up to holy for that? That's on him. Okay. She we should have our show. Now, let's do that. Let's get onto transforming your ordinary house into an extraordinary home. And you know, our going to do that today. We're gonna talk about something that is really opinion. Polarizing I've been saying this around the station all week people have asked me. Hey, what's what's the what's show on Sunday? I'm like wallpaper in the really, in fact, Bella DHS, did this to me Bella in Morgan the other day, I ran into them, and is like what the show on Sunday, and I'm like wallpaper, and she's like really is that even a thing is that still a thing. And I'm like, yeah. Not only is it a thing. But your generation is the one who's bringing it back. Right. Thank god. See we're doing something. Good. You are something constructive and in in seriously doing it. Right. So here's the deal with wallpaper wallpaper. I appeared you know, I was. Going to give you history lesson. It first appeared in the modern sense in the sixteenth century, you know, three or four centuries after we started some serious papermaking and printing along the way, right, and it showed up in the form of black and white hand blocked prints kind of stencils, innocence or stamps to put it better. The guild of paper hangers. I established itself in France in fifteen ninety nine and then it's gone through all sorts of changes through the years now, relative to us those of us living here in the early part of the twenty-first century. Most of us have including me have a visceral kind of gut reaction to wallpaper. That's like, no, thank you. But this is why I'm putting on my designer hat for you today. And I'm not necessarily trying to make you a convert. It's not like I want everybody to run out and and cover their house in wallpaper. But I do wanna open your mind to it again and to be more accurate. We're really not talking about wallpaper as we are talking about wall coverings that is a more accurate specific phrase because it's not just about paper anymore. It's not that simple but wallpaper as general theme is ready for its next act. It is incredibly opinion, polarizing, but it is it's a it's a really effective paint alternative. K now it has for the better part of my lifestyle. My lifestyle. My lifetime been a lifestyle. Taboo, right. We got rid of it. Most of our experienced probably most of your experience has been not adding wallpaper to your house, but tearing it out wallpaper removal, but now thanks to some seriously, ultra stylish prints. There are now dimensional fabrics out there. There are all sorts of. New materials that make it easy to install. And. Yeah, also easy to remove. So finally for the first time in human history wallpaper wall coverings are being specifically designed to not only go up easier than ever but go up and stay up knowing that the day's going to come when they're gonna come back down. And so they are being designed to go up smoothly and to come down easily. And so that right there should alleviate at least half of your fear about wallpaper. We'll get into the other half. Which is you know, is it gauche is it ugly is too much is dated all of that kind of stuff. But I'll tell you why wall coverings as a whole or coming back number one wall coverings really well chosen wall covering brings more drama to a wall than paint. Ever could of their could okay. More detail more drama, more depth more texture than paint. And we have now come to the end of several decades of just going pretty much bare wall paint just paint just beige. And then we went through that was the, you know, the seventies and eighties Bauge, and then we moved into the nineties and the early ought to thousands. And it was kind of grays and blues and neutrals. But it was just what it was. And then we have crossed over into a time where millennials are now buying houses and owning houses and living under their own roofs. Whether they're renting or otherwise. And they want to bring something to, but they have a a minimalist general attitude as a whole not every millennialism analyst. But it it's one of those characterizations of an entire generation less stuff. And yet they're looking for more texture. More texture more color away of having something more interesting in a room without having more stuff in the room. Think about that. And that is where wall coverings come into play, especially if you're a renter. Removable wall coverings come into play because you can make where you live your home without having to screw up your security deposit when the time comes for you to move on. So anyway, lots of stuff about wallpaper to talk about putting it on taking it off all of the different options. And we're gonna talk about as much as we can today, including your calls the number to call me. Eight three three to ask dean eight three three the number two Azzedine. Call me about anything you want. Call me about mothers day mothers get first priority today. So if you're listening and your family hasn't drug you out of the house yet to do whatever you're going to do for mom's day today. You get to cut to the front of the queue fast pass for mothers today. Eight three three to ask dean. I'm so glad you joined this morning. Hang tight. We're just getting started. Rosie Rivera has the new. Lipton star of the groundbreaking late nineteen sixties TV show. The mon- squad in the nineteen ninety show twin peaks has died of cancer. She.

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