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And he wrote about the jaeger team more specifically because he said that was the tipping point right that was the and he said that was the first moment that lane i like the all of the the corruption of the senate was first challenged and what led to what became these partisan battles that ultimately destroyed the senate he he actually identified the juror theme war as as as that tipping point which is why i wrote about it now could the senate hat or could could wrote could the roman republic have pulled out of it at that point like i think so the point that i come to is it's it's really it solace conduct are at the very at what it what becomes the end of the book but solace conduct arm during some of his final showdowns is really what set the final permanent blueprint for how you can achieve power by completely disregarding just anything but brute force so sala is going to he he loses a political confrontation solid lose a he he had command of this eastern army he marias uses the power of the assembly to strip sala of his command and send sala away what morris thinks he sent saw a packing for good and solid really is faced with this choice of do i accept this defeat do i get stripped of my command do i accept the humiliation that i have just endured at the hands of my rival marias or do i go back to my five legions who are loyal to me personally and to a point them at rome and march on rome to evict marias from rome and reclaim what i think is rightfully mine once once solid did that and then ultimately he emerges victorious from everything.

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