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The reaction with all the family the extended family the cultures of people in the room celebrate with these kids and I think that's the best part but look at this Michael Pittman junior there's my guy just goes we all go into the court took up the call for gore quarterback all right what do you got Scott I'm I'm definitely I'm if this was the final you know the March madness I'm ripping up my pool she right now I'm done my goal I want Michael Pittman Jr in your cell lines are out next what do you got for us hi I get a list of about thirty names I don't know if that helps all right that's weird we're getting some bird that's sort of like the Samsonite briefcase and dumb and dumber it makes sense for the show we're good I think Denzel mims makes sense I think Levesque I should know what makes sense both wide receivers they they make that offense a lot better I would tell you Josh Jones the offensive tackle from Houston would be a very good option here yeah badge you are Joshua J. he be an option I think so give the guy that fits them best as a japonesa from Iowa to be honest okay you know what and a matter of are you are you avoiding offense which is he's perfect for their scheme it's a you know he's he's he's big he's strong he's got long arms he plays his gap is the kind of justice he's one of those do your job kind of guys that he's perfect for what Patricia wants he's like perfectly cast for for what the Tricia wants out of an edge player so W. there's a bunch of guys is that there's a bunch of options they can go we can go here but I think up enough is probably you know if you were he's got he's got to be leading the pack as far as what people are thinking Bob Quinn will do here but Denzel mims I think should have been a first round receiver either really good player really really good C. read be he'd be a dynamic option option you know OB opposite Kenny Golladay so it it it it but I was just gonna say because now you see it's sort of like the middle of the first round goes running blind and now it goes run of wide receivers that impact you know teams to make a change suddenly like we better go out and get this guy and hope to get a guy later and it ends up backfiring and I hold it in and say all the lines picks and but go ahead but I think it's a matter of who fell and they have graded very high who fell out of who fell out of round one and how does it fit their plans going forward they don't really they don't have a receiver signed past this coming season they need a receiver desperately that's what they've got they got a guy graded as around one type they're gonna take it just you know I think I've been I I would bet that it's up at NASA that that's what I would do you know it's got better but I would definitely choose Scott Bischoff Kylie joining us said Darren McCarty show seven sixty W. J. R. when the lions select one the commissioner announces it we will try to have that for you as it happens Scott very quickly as we wait for this pick to come in mac and I were talking this is been generally regarded as a very special wide receiver year correct me if I'm wrong but this is a very deep wide receiver class yes it's super deep it's just you know this is there are and there is there are a few round one graded players still available you're not gonna mean as this goes on that that those guys are gonna diminish are gonna go away so you know it's it's finding value that they're picking up the top of round two right so you they're going to find somebody who they have very highly greater than that you know it's just it's just is it a defensive player as an edge rusher as a receiver and an offense of tackle all those girls are bring your premium positions so a lot of those guys make sense Josh Jones makes sense Benjamin to make sense they can go running back here you know I mean that there's a there's a variety of things they can do we'll see how it got you guys it seems like the pic is been in for an intermediate you know maybe it's just me but mac you mentioned in about three minutes ago the pick is saying it's been up there for for what seems like five years right now I believe L. I know you know what the thing is shot and it's just sort of lions lock because as as Scott was talking earlier on I was sort of the waiting going all this usually trade.

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