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The failure and a federal level to stop the flow of guns to this city The mayor says the feds need to help With the blink of an eye more than a $1 trillion in crypto market value has evaporated The downturn that's been a hallmark of digital assets in recent weeks continued to play out this week and into today with Bitcoin's continued volatility The coin which is the largest digital token has dropped more than 50% from a recent peak and many other currencies have lost as much if not more Bitcoin last quoted it just under $35,000 Ethereum is trading at around $2400 Netflix tumbled by the most since July 2012 as analysts downgraded the streaming giant after it gave an outlook for subscriber additions that fell short of Wall Street expectations more from Bloomberg's Charlie pellet The sell off of 22% drag the stock to the lowest since April of 2020 at least 9 firms tracked by Bloomberg cut their recommendation on the stock after Netflix forecast adding just two and a half million customers in the first quarter compared with analyst expectations for 6.26 million additions Charlie pellet Bloomberg radio Global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quick take powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries I'm Susanna Palmer This is Bloomberg This is Bloomberg business of sports Talk about some of the more interesting aspects of business sports There's all kinds of cool questions So this is a fun topic to make The country is finally getting the memo about how amazing the sport is I think the sky is the limit for MLS We're spending more and more of our time in a digital world and it's also becoming a really powerful place for commerce It is so nice to be back and to be able to have fans back in the building So despite the chaotic schedule this is why we do what we do When you get into the playoffs there's nothing better as a player for the excitement It is also for the organization sponsors involved Bloomberg business and sports from Bloomberg radio This is the Bloomberg business of sports show where we explored big money issues in the world of sports at Michael Barr I'm scarlet foo And I'm Mike lynch Coming.

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