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Than 600,000 homes and businesses are without electricity and at least 80 water systems were compromised by the storm affecting an estimated 220,000 people. That's causing us to have a rolling Siri's. Of evacuation, So we're having to do from nursing homes and from hospitals, so restoring power getting water back up is incredibly important. City officials in Lake Charles, Louisiana, say water treatment sites took a beating from the storm, and it may be weeks before the water will start flowing again. President Donald Trump is expected to visit like Charles on Saturday to observe the damage with state and local officials. For NPR News. I'm Paul Braun. Inbound Rouge, The Food and Drug Administration has altered its rules regarding the experimental covert 19 drug rendez severe. NPR's Sidney Lumpkin reports it can now be dispensed all hospitalized Corona virus patients from death Severe is the experimental covert 19 drug made by Gilead Sciences. It's not yet fully approved by the FDA. But in May, the agency authorized for emergency use and hospitalized patients with severe disease thes air patients who need supplemental oxygen. Now, the agency says room death severe can be given to all hospitalized covert 19 patients, and it's formally expanded its emergency use authorization. Thie F D a says it made this decision based on the totality of scientific evidence. A study published earlier this week indeed showed that room disappear did make a difference for patients with moderate Cove. It 19 after a five day course of the drug. But there's a catch. The authors concluded that this difference was quote of uncertain clinical importance. Sidney Lumpkin NPR news This is NPR. And this is WNBC in New York. I'm David. First Madison Square Garden will open its doors for the first time this fall as a pole site for people voting in the presidential election is Bridget Bergen reports. The news comes after recent protests by players in the MBA. To protest the police shooting of Jacob Lake and unarmed black men. In Wisconsin. Basketball teams across the MBA decided to take action. The Milwaukee Bucks and Orlando Magic refused to play Game five of their playoffs on Wednesday, and other teams and leagues followed suit. As part of an agreement between the N B A. And the Players Association to resume play nb arenas across the country agreed to be pull sites in New York City. That means the Garden home to the New York Knicks. It will be used for early voting from October 24 through November 1st and is a regular pool site on Election Day. November 3rd. Park on Manhattan's East Side has found itself so overridden with weeds that it's calling on a squad of four legged lawnmowers staff at Stuyvesant Cove Park weren't able to do much care taking during the first few months of the pandemic. As a result, the green space has become overrun by fast growing plants called bind weed. So park manager Candice Thompson hired a group of goats to clear out the brush. There is just no possible way that I can pull it all by myself, and I don't even have the ability to compost that much plant matter. And so that's where goats will come in and just make a quick job of this for me. Thompson says the 20 goats will take just about four days to clear the park of weeds. 75 degrees. Now we do have showers and thunderstorms in the forecast today. Getting up to Ojai around 80 this afternoon tonight alot of 67 degrees, this is doubled. Support for NPR comes from the Candida fund supporting individual dignity and sustainable communities through investments in transformative leaders and ideas. Learn more at K nd D a fun dot or GE. Both Democratic nominee Joe Biden and President Trump say this could be the most consequential election in our lifetimes. Last week, we asked young Democratic delegates for their take on their convention and nominee this week. It's the young Republicans turn that plus the latest on Hurricane Laura on the next. All things considered from NPR News.

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