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The day's events this is the drive with Leigh Matthews on newsradio one thousand Katie okay happy end of a Monday and it's just seem to get more gloomy Gus says the weather progressed today will tell you why that happened and it's really bizarre because if you're over in the western part of the state it's beautiful in sixty seven and here just keep getting more and more misty and cold and it will continue tonight and even tomorrow outlook for Mike Morgan of the four warn storm team all coming up on news radio one thousand Katie okay we didn't hear much today in the way of wind pelo see is going to release the articles of impeachment to the Senate but there are still five major questions that remain and I'm gonna get into all five of them and I'm going to answer the best I can you can throw your two cents in as well and later in the program we'll talk to Mike Bauer about this because he is in the belly of the beast in Washington DC and he will join us to talk more about it coming up on news radio one thousand Katie okay eight four old one thousand leave at use it Katie okay dot com to join in that conversation lot of internet and social media buzz about this story of a teacher in Florida who is seen on video escorting may forcing a student out of his class I read this story from about three different sources and have come up with my take on it but I want your take on it because whereas our teachers should not be out of control over dip disciplining our children or passively aggressively disciplining our children do they not have a certain amount of control in their own classroom and we'll get into that you can tell me what you think and teachers I'd love your input on this on newsradio one thousand Katie okay does Israel have a secret laser weapon well they might and I will tell you what I know and you can tell me what you think about it all coming up on news radio one thousand Katie okay this half hour up the drive with Lee Mathews drop brought to buy hill in company a train comfort specialist it's hard to top hill later in the week it's gonna be garden show time and will also be joined by some people from the garden show he's the lesser known member of the Belushi family he'll be joining us today because he's got a new show to tell you about and lots of conversation to on social media both that happened over this weekend and that happened today so Academy Awards were announced earlier today I'll hit on that I've seen a handful of the nominee use I'm not seeing all of them don't know that I will see all of them a well I don't know that I'll see all of them but I'll see as many as I can because I will tell you this year there have been more than I wanted to see then I am probably ten years probably ten years so that's coming up on news radio one thousand Katie okay again eight four oh one thousand Lee Mathews Katie okay eight dot com today's weather go south on is actually coming out of the south is what the problem is I'll explain a news radio one thousand Katie.

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