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New england are under winter storm watches and warnings it's been less than a week since the last nor'easter dumped loads of snow in the northeast and knocked out power for more than one and a half million people from the midatlantic states new england now we're about to get hit with more bad weather forecasters say new york city could receive forty eight inches of snow on wednesday further inland they might be buried under a foot a winter storm warning is also in effect for all of massachusetts parts of new england could get a foot and a half of snow that's on top of what they received friday and saturday governors in several states urged people who are still without electricity to find somewhere else to stay i'm steve kastenbaum tracking site flight aware says already at least 1100 flights have been cancelled or delayed tomorrow because of the impending winter storm president trump says north korea's willingness to hold talks with washington is a positive development correspondent will ripley reports panyang could back out of any deal under a new us president detente were to fall apart north korea within happen excuse when there are new administration's in place to pull out of this and his still have their nuclear force in tact and also benefit from these ing of sanctions are the other potential benefits of engaging in diplomacy right now north korea would refrain from nuclear and missile test during any negotiations ibn cates brendan iribe this is the story of the shaving company called harry's in an epic battle of david versus goliath in the early 1980's a child was born two of them actually their names were jeff and andy time went by they developed facial hair and one day.

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