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So the next guest that we have on baking her job so we're gonna ask our house you progressed really article on new york time so you can read it now let's thank today sponsors if your daydreaming about culinary school maybe it's time to say bone george to likud on blue learn more about the legendary culinary school's most prestigious professional qualification legrand diploma by visiting court blue dot edu and bob's red mill bob's red mill is an employee owned company that has been offering organic gluten free and stone ground products for decades with bob's red mill you're not just getting quality you're getting flavor packed food that tastes amazing visit bob's red mill dot com today today's i guessed you heard a little bit from her is gabby vigouroux she is the baker and culinary director of smith canteen a coffee shop in carroll gardens brooklyn she was the associate test kitchen editor at good housekeeping and guess what she was the very first employee of cherry bomb magazine yes she is employee number one g she's with us today to test kitchen tips neighborhood bake shops and more gabby viggo welcome to radio cherry vomiting or having me carry my pleasure did you ever think you'd be sitting there now i actually had made her deja when i got here because the last time that i was here i think i was interviewing someone for the first issue of cherry bomb oh yeah who who did you interview it was aaron fairbanks on we did the interview here and i think that was the last time that i was here well we'll welcome back thank you is this your first radio interview this is my first radio interview congratulations congratulations will make this easy on you so so i should i think most of you know this who listened to the show regularly but i work with gabby.

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