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I'm old old school. I realized that it's not what you want to do. What you want to do and what you need to do or not related? You've you've gotTA learn how to Dominate Valley search engine marketing. If you'RE GONNA get leads no no yes. No you have to guess you consummate Tudor. It's obsolete you to death own ahead I I'm not gonNA sit there and debate with you. Obviously you're physically stronger. You cut my head off but the point is you have to write the most original html content and have the most objective reviews. You have to do that. It's impossible to gets google reviews. Okay I you know the people I say right gets me Google Review Daoud. But we've talked about this on previous email. People expect to get a lot of google reviews. Most most people will not by default lead a positive objective review if the prompt they receive is an email they just will not leave an objective Google Review. If the only prompt that they receive is an email from your company asking them about your products or services they just won't leave a review so you've got to ask the people at the point of purchase. Okay how happy they were with the purchase and if they would be willing to leave and objective Google review have to ask in person face to face. Ace if you ever want to gather actual objective google reviews from your real clients. You have to do it. You have to understand it. You have to master if you want to get to be top in the Google search engine results so right now if you Google Search Tulsa let's say you Google Search South Tulsa personal trainers South Tulsa personal trainers. My client can't comes up top. Magnus fitness if you Google Search Joplin Jim Joplin Missouri. Joplin gyms my client co law. Fitness comes up top. Oh you talk about these facts you never talk about the feelings true. What about the feelings of rejection I asked Google Review? I don't know how to push through those feelings of rejection. Whoever if you Google Search Bartlesville gyms my client comes up top and the search results Barr Cola Cola? Fitness comes up top when you're searching for Bartlesville.

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