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A nice July summer day. Sunshine beautiful dry eighty two degrees same thing tomorrow going. To be a little bit warmer high of eighty eight degrees a little. Bit later in. The day tomorrow sunshine takes over you're going to feel, the humidity on the rise tomorrow and then we'll have a muggy a weekend with. Highs in the eighties on Sunday good. Chance where she's some showers too The details for President. Trump's, military parade now being put into place apparently the events scheduled for November the tenth. Is estimated to cost approximately twelve million dollars according to officials Pentagon spokesperson Colonel Bob manning telling, reporters the intent for the parade is to coincide with the one hundredth anniversary of World War One the World War One the war to end all wars right how'd that work. Out the parade will include wheeled vehicles but no tanks to avoid damaging infrastructure according to a. Pentagon, memo, that came, out in March actually some troops will wear period. Uniforms to, an aircraft will fly over towards the end now the president, did propose the DC parade. After attending a Bastille Day military parade in Paris many. In the Pentagon of resisted though signing onto this event because the US. Has tradition of. Only holding grand parades after military victory such as World, War Two in Desert Storm also many of the troops and vehicles to be showcased, would need to be moved from there Basis to the capital at taxpayer expense what do you. Think about that do we need this should tax payer money be spent on a military parade You, know me I'm pretty confident of our military. Might I don't need it displayed? In the parade but you might think it's a good? Thing to do but it's, going to be. On your dime what do you think about it should tax payer money. Be spent in the military parade? You can log? Onto.

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