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Ground manufacturers or having a hard time finding new workers here cbs jason brooks with the unemployment rate at its lowest level since two thousand employers are struggling to find qualified workers the institute for supply management spring twenty thousand eighteen economic forecast finds that three out of four manufacturers is having a hard time filling openings while that's bad news for the businesses it's good news for workers with over half of the manufacturers surveyed saying they've had to hike wages in order to land good workers on wall street the dow down ninety seven points nasdaq down twenty one oil down a dollar twenty two at sixty nine fifty one a barrel in wwl sport pelican direct golden state for game five of their playoff series down three games to one or a need obey wing to stay alive slowing down the warriors scoring machines not an easy task but pels coach alvin gentry might be more concerned with his own offense that just put up ninety two points last game i don't care how good your defense is i don't care what you do you have to be able to score a hundred and ten hundred and fifteen points to have any chance to beat them it's a nine thirty start time in oakland oracle arena tonight golden state's last loss at home was to new orleans before the postseason started steve geller wwl sports sports talk this afternoon at four o'clock with bobby gave aaron christian garrick drew breeze comes on after the six o'clock news plus the pelicans must win game five to keep their nba playoff hopes alive can they push the series back to new orleans and saints rookie.

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