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Now the CBS World News Round on that seven o'clock Russia CLAIMS vaccine It's akin to 1957 and a Sputnik moment incident at the White House. They just wanted me to step aside Wild wind in the Midwest grabbed the dog. Ghassemi ran to the basement. Good morning. I'm Steve K Thin with the CBS World News Round up. There are now more than 20 million Corona virus cases worldwide. That number has doubled in just the last 45 days and from Russia this morning comes a claim of AH vaccine. President Vladimir Putin boasts it did well in tests and one of his daughters was inoculated and is doing well. CBS is Dr David Vegas says the treatment has apparently not gone through clinical trials in those 38 individuals that there was an immune response to the state reported not scientific journals, the state reported. But we don't know whether it actually protects and we don't know what will happen when large numbers of people are inoculated. It's akin to 1957 and a Sputnik moment. Big proclamation. I'm not sure all the data are there yet. The New York Times reports the Trump administration is considering new rules to temporarily block US citizens and green card holders from re entering the country. If that person has coded 19 or has been exposed to the virus, according to the paper, the draft rule would rely on the CDCs authority to protect the country. Well as the days get closer to a college football season doubt grows that any games will be played at all because of the pandemic here. CBS's David Beg No. That was seven months ago when the last college football game was played in.

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