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The greatest college football player ever of arjun arjun rates that i've ever watched he was the fun is to watch by for fun to watch i believe most explosive for sure i think was he better than tibo i don't think so i don't think he's better tibo i don't know man college football player both time had to bone his hands i hated reggie bush i was a big during that time 'cause you like vince young loved vince vince young as much as vince young love cheesecake factory mean v why would go to cheesecake factory clean that place put v way and that argument though yeah he was awesome put pat white steve slate in that argument is if they would have like if pat wait if pat white was on an sec team or that usc team white probably first pick of the draft if i guess the way he played the way he was you're such a good football this on knocking my teammates but our team was a bunch of guys who fell to us for jokers like there's no world for us to game the more jackson before the march jackson and jackson went what four rounds ahead of fucking pet white pele was i don't know what he got drafted actually i'm not sure what pele try thought when we hang around maybe i'm wrong fucking steve and i think was also a second rounder but pat white if you put him on an sec team and now a lot of people would say well then there's the speed could catch him as well that wasn't in the big use but if you put him on like with a bunch of monsters i mean it was unbelievable and steve slayton took over games i mean they're just completely took over game second round i don't know why i thought he's v i think he was the second round pick but if he was in one of them big schools but i think tim tebas the greatest college football player of all he got the ball every single plane he was the team maybe yeah he split time his first year with chris leak or something right.

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