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Schools in cinema county school districts from being close to that due to the king Cade fire and the PGA any outages but students are set to head back to class on Monday KCBS is Margie Shafer reports from Santa Rosa many students were in the dark others were forced to evacuate and some like Santa Rosa high school freshman Kelsey Simpson joined fellow students in volunteering at the redwood food bank even as their homes were in the dark we're getting out to each family and make sure they have enough food for the outage or being evacuated her sister junior Katie Simpson said earlier in the week they weren't spending much time outside she's worried about our school work we have to make a lot of I don't know how we're going to do that I think is just gonna be a lot of extra work load so looking for to that senior no Silverstein is been keeping busy volunteering and thinking about the future working on college applications free week what else was also there are many who live here this is the third year in a row of smoke or fire related shut down so some kids will have other things in school on their minds as they deal with stress anxiety and posttraumatic stress disorder in Santa Rosa Margie Shafer PCBS fire crews battling the king Cade fire were offered a special treat as a set out for another long day on the fire lines today this is Matt Bigler at the Kinkaid fire base camp where an impromptu tamale stand appeared Thursday morning etcetera as a family deciding to thank fire crews who were protecting their homes by passing out over a thousand chicken and pork tamales if it wasn't for them who knows if we still have winter heels breaks Santa Rosa it's it's because of our Elizabeth Flores Martinez says they raised over eight hundred dollars for ingredients on Facebook fire engineer Dave Johnson said his tamales were delicious on several levels well it's made with much love you now and this around big time have some nice out shall that's with a lot of effort put into it and is the local people helping us the family also passed out tamales to firefighters two years ago during the tubs fire at the Kinkaid fire base camp in Santa Rosa Matt Bigler KCBS napa congressman Mike Thompson and Palo alto congresswoman Anna Eshoo have introduced legislation aimed at helping state and local governments protect communities from the risks of wild fire smoke that's true says smoke from wildfires is a public health threat particularly for those with respiratory illnesses like asthma bay area has above average rates of asthma and people with asthma face higher risks from wildfire smoke so we have identical legislation in the Senate so I think we have a very good chance of moving this legislation along congresswoman Anna Eshoo says the bay area air quality management district will also be able to use funding from the legislation to improve public buildings like retrofitting schools with the air filters smoke mitigation efforts could also include creating shelters for at risk populations case CBS news time is eight twenty four time now to head to the KCBS money death it was a losing day for Wall Street though the key indexes moved off their session lows ahead of the closing bell losses ranged from a tenth of a percent to half a percent the Dow Jones industrials closed one hundred forty points lower the nasdaq lost twelve points the S. and P. five hundred lost nine Kellogg's losing a big customer for its Morning Star farms veggie burgers the burgers are coming off the menu at Burger King which now offers plant based paddy's from impossible foods shares of Kraft Heinz rallied closing up more than thirteen percent the food companies third quarter profit top Wall Street forecasts Kraft Heinz completed the sale of a Canadian cheese business and increase the prices on some products Ford will likely avoid a crippling strike like the one that just ended at General Motors there is a tentative contract agreement between Ford and the United auto workers union the.

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