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I don't think the scoreline reflected that much dominance, but hey, a wins, a win three points, three points. We're coming off two major losses from top sixteen at show. So I mean, I will I as if you're an arsenal fan, you take it. You will take three points anytime. So. Obviously, I guess like nod a lot of people had you winning against chose your city. I actually did, but obviously I was wrong shit. But my question comes down to your defense because like you said, y'all played average, but the defense is just abysmal. I mean, you has bad. It's really bad, but you're perfectly arsenal and their board is perfectly okay with signing a twenty million backup keeper to check, but they can't spend the big money to actually get a true defender who can cover the lanes who can body people out because Socrates is good. Don't get me wrong. Nacho Monreal fucking. I think he's the best player on arsenal snow right now. I mean, he actually scores. Yeah. So Hector Bella Ren. He's too busy doing fashion shit. Why? It just doesn't make sense to me how arsenal allocates their money. They fucking spend money on a backup keeper. They buy a thirty year old defender who's good, not great. They buy data who had a great fucking World Cup, but then they don't start where they don't start lock is at. So where's the disconnect? Because it seems like fans pundits all agree that are still should've spent big on their defense, your new son and should be playing game in and game out. Why? Why? Why aren't they doing this shit. Dude, beats me. It seems like should they should have worked out in the preseason, right? Like should they should have worked out during the international champions cut? Right. I thought, you know, Emory is still thinking like he has a lot of leeway and a lot of time like just play around. But these are real games that matter like arsenal should every year be competing for the Premier League title, right? Like I'm not crazy to say that like we are a top sixteen when you say you're a top sixteen, you should be competing for Premier League title. This is not time. This is not fuck around time. This is time to really try and win against like shots of the Chelsea match. I mean, we came back in that match, and honestly, I thought we could have one that I think you should have sitters city was not even close. This game again, looked average. So we'll see. I guess I don't see. I don't have an answer to your question, but let's move on it because I can't. I can't just going to start crying crying unless five minutes of our podcast is just going to be crying about teams and I won this week. Yeah, right. Right. Isn't even make sense. Big picture, crying. Yeah. Moving onto the last game, Saturday, Liverpool versus Brian one? No win against unofficial gay capital of England. I think Liverpool has been winning. Weirdly James Milner has been phenomenal. I think James Milner has been on the highlight. I think Trent Alexander Arnold has been phenomenal. Rogerson. I mean for Doug looks like almost like the best center back in the league like that's not even like, I'm not jokingly. We used to joke about VVD virtually Dyke's the real deal, and he looked at the second half of the season last year. He looks like it completely. Now Alison looking amazing, but they are not playing Liverpool scoring a bunch of goals the front, three almost like rusty and it was Salah scored, which is good. And it was a nice goal by Salah. But again, they're winning one nil matches which in the past they would have drew or lost. So I think this is like a different Liverpool and I, I'm, I think they need to pick it up. But I mean top of the table, three wins out of three. This is a few different Liverpool. Am I crazy. I'd agree with you on some parts. I definitely think that their defense has been short up and they actually have a good defense now. I mean, wherever you look nice. Yeah, Virgil, Van Dyke Gomez. Rogerson trend, Alexander Arnold. They all create a solid back line. And you finally have a keeper that you can rely on so far in the Premier League. But the thing is is exactly what you said, but I'm gonna disagree with one part..

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