Miss Murphy, California, President Trump discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe


You talked about valid harvesting bell at harvesting legal now in California as of this last election when you can find two hundred and fifty thousand ballots after election day, you can move a lot of different seats, mice e to we wanna early votes who want absentee votes, we won election day votes. This station. Carl David Miller flying that the results of your election are invalid, no, it's legal in California. And California's going to win Republican seats back Republicans had better figure out how to ballot harvest as they haven't other. So you're less had nothing to do with President Trump, and your view it had to do with this quote unquote, ballot harvesting if you look at polling numbers, the president was pulling almost even right before my election. We were up by eight points. Miss murphy. Let me ask you a question about going back to the house in January Democrats is the first item going to be impeachment. And how do you feel about that? I haven't heard that the first item is the first item is actually going to be about cleaning up congress and passing reforms to campaign finance to restore the Merican people's faith in this institution. The people in the room gasped, then became clear, what this is about the fact of the matter was he was crook. This is a story that is not well known this grave constitutional crisis thing, but it really should be especially maybe now, that's really the legal expression hit the fan. Oh my God. We're on tenterhooks. It's absolutely unprecedented. Policed. It was then meadow in MSNBC present bag near being all seven episodes. Wherever you get your podcasts..

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