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I don't know what is the name of the Amazon series that premiered in twenty eighteen and stars John Krasinski as the title character I don't know then finally in the twenty eighteen film a quiet place how many total children were shared between John Krasinski and Emily blunt three I want to say for in the end for final in the first one is devil wears Prada times expansion our view question one of the call to pop culture knowledge the subject being John Krasinski Emily blunt movies in twenty eighteen what films only what nominated for an academy award for Best Actress with the cast included Lin Manuel Miranda and Ben Whishaw the insulin for here's Mary Poppins returns Steve answer that correctly Donna did not that's a tough game over question to what is the name of the Tom Clancy Amazon series that premiered in twenty eighteen stars John Krasinski as the title character the answer look here's the monosaccharide N. Asti venture that correctly Donna did not now finally question three in the twenty eighteen film a quiet place how many total children were shared between John Krasinski Emily blunt the infielder here's for Steve and Donna you both answer that correctly which means today's winner of the culture pop culture knowledge he is smarter than Donna in the subject of John Krasinski Emily blunt movies which means that Kelly you are the smartest of all victims DJ you're going home with that my talk teacher congradulations Kelly thank you tell you owe me one all right name it all right we're gonna send you over there thank you again for calling in today we appreciate it so much now rising to get some information and then after he gets the winners info maybe we'll do an exhibition just to I don't know because I don't think we're officially allowing us to do the double or nothing to be taken off the I don't know it's tough for a boss about it I think so Facebook so weird analysts meta who is Caitlyn Caitlyn Garvey hi Caitlyn Hey Caitlyn Caitlyn she's our one listener and viewer hi Kelly Kelly K. go to our good or twins or die my talk is where I'm working right now gore my talk Facebook page because during the break you wanna do this life we'll do a live tour no are we take a video that we will later post of me getting done a tour of the men's room a little letter stand at the urinal and then squad on when your parties in the ladies room and talk to a girl talk like okay can you pass me some there is a shortage early bird it's Carol did you bring soup today or no to the bathroom it's funny do you guys ever race when you're in the bathroom no it's guys you do a sword fight when your kids you when you're a child when you're younger you do a sword fight so you'd like your buddies in there you're both going to be at the same time at a house toilet not not like a not at a urinal although you could and then you just cross your streams there is contact no I don't think that I don't think that's legal no no let me be very clear no one here at my talk is making any contact I'm sorry that we know this is what I was picturing okay no first of all they better not be making that sound just go no so please do we have to the other what started it not me all right what are we asking him exhibition okay here we go yeah right we do the tide now Reiner we doing that I think we should do that in certain it'll be too big of a gap you too big of a gap what what about the what what what what our thoughts on the lifeline thing so we can get a lifetime lifeline that person has the option after do whatever they're voting for goes to change one of the answers at an answer if you didn't answer the question sure okay I'm more partial to that route okay maybe get the listener more involved with that starting tomorrow help yeah well maybe when you come back that's right I'll be on the path right Steve is doing to camp out for sleep out starts tomorrow morning at eight AM this is an effort to raise money for bridging a wonderful charity and to see if we can get me a we think there's a chance for me to guest co host on live with Kelly Reid stopped doing a Dada Dada so I went start hitting the Mike with that banana as a euphemism all of that is so we what we are you can have like a are you gonna fire out there I think that the I I think they're going to set me up for one of those like little girls like a propane tank I don't know it depends on what kind of food drops I get I do understand I'm gonna get quite a bit of beef jerky by the way hopefully cracked my tooth the other day a back molar now I have to get a crown yeah I got an issue even to beef jerky really yes it is well maybe it's a feeling that came out of the tie breaker yeah identify this a piece of work from either John Krasinski your Emily blunt.

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