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The city today the square roots music festival closing lincoln between montrose and wilson we also have the roscoe village burger fest elmont between western and clyborn damon so last day for taste of chicago that's closing grant park columbus drive between belbow and monroe so do i tastes today or do i go to the burger fest today you know where you should go people tell me a few minutes somebody i'll tell me here's my recommendation okay maxwell street market roosevelt and harrison is closed until three o'clock this afternoon yup how about that beyond maxwell street today of nice big polish sausage and then not far away chinatown summer fair cermak road between the chinatown feeder ramp off the orion their archer avenue is closed the re routing number twenty one buses for that that's fantastic because i did bring my dancing lion costume downtown today i'm glad i met the ballpark cleaners yesterday it's still in the car i can go over there it says here andy be vise please according to our traffic update at here the very latest information that the white sox are playing kansas city this afternoon at one ten expect heavy traffic around the ballpark before and after the game and you should do a pre game show since we just learned that since you're there yeah what do you guys feel like maybe like twelve thirty four thirty s yeah that'd be great stood at twelve thirty.

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