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Please stay tuned for the fan. Who well she sneaks down. I believe Down there nanny well he's Properly and legally socially distance. We haven't seen studio as Seen Louis in studio for quite some time. So get him on the phone. He's brought to you by. Nfp INSURANCE THE LEGENDS WITH LOUIS SERIES as we say hi to Louis Continues with another legend. That'S WHY WE CALL LEGENDS WITH LOUIS IN CONSENT ON consecutive weeks. It's been bowman Schader. Sinden Esposito and now doc emrick kind enough to join us on the White Clinic and cataract hotline Doc. Welcome back to the show. We much appreciate your time. Say Hi to your Guy Lou. Nanny well after four guys on the Mount Rushmore mocking selling tickets to see. And then you'd have the vote that do this those guys. How are you doing doc? Nice to hear from you. You're just as I said so many times. It's a pleasure hours to talk with you and it's certainly a pleasure to listen to you. You know I got the good fortune of working over the years with the best hockey. Broadcasters Danny Alvin Dan Kelly Al Shaver goal. I never and I. I was hoping you were going to come work the state tournament. One I on with you but I've never worked with you at the stake tournament or and then each game. That's one thing in life that I miss well a lot of times. We were in the same building together. But YOU WANNA more official capacity than you were in charge of team or or something like that. I remember time with Bill Clement. And you and I toured the mets sportscenter. And you were talking about your team and you were all also talking about lucky seat. At that time you were a little more superstation and.

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