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Dot com. The dominican republic is a jewel floating in the caribbean visitors to the island. Come looking for paradise in its verdant rainforests and white sand beaches more often than not they find it and then they tell their friends. Tourism is a massive industry in the dominican republic. In fact around twenty percent of the nation's gross domestic product comes from foreign visitors though the population numbers just ten million people dominicans. Welcome more than six million vacationers every year. Almost half of them come from the united states in two thousand eighteen. A disturbing trend began among the tourists. One that would go unnoticed for almost a year. Someone or something was killing them in june that year a fifty one year old. Pennsylvania resident named yvette monet export on her first vacation in years. Yvette was excited to finally relax at the luxurious by principal resort in punta cana. Little did she know it would be her final holiday. One evening event in her fiance had a drink from their room's minibar before going to bed in the middle of the night her partner hurting gurgling sound thinking nothing of it he turned over and went back to sleep but when he woke he that was dead. Yvette was just the first in a string of tragedies. The following month of forty five year old man named david harrison traveled to the dominican with his wife. Dawn they state at a different resort. But like yvette. David seemingly had a target on his back one day. He returned from snorkeling saying he felt unwell after he dawn fell asleep. The unthinkable happened. David woke in a cold sweat. Unable to move his wife tried to get help but it was too late. David had suffered a heart attack which caused his lungs to fill with fluids. I condition known as pulmonary dima. He didn't survive as two thousand. Eighteen ended it. Seemed like yvette. And david were to random fatalities but in early two thousand nineteen four. More people died seventy eight year old jerry current in january thirty one year old tracy jerome gesture junior in march and sixty five year old john corcoran and sixty seven year. Old robert wallace. In april each of these tragedies were reported to the authorities but no one made any connection between them until forty one year old miranda shop werner on may twenty fifth two thousand nineteen miranda arrived at the bahia principe bougainville resort with her husband. Dan the getaway was to celebrate their ninth wedding anniversary. They hadn't been in their room. Long maranda took a drink from the mini bar. But after her first sip she suddenly convulsed she cried out for her husband and fell backwards onto the bed where she writhed in agony before passing out. Dan swiftly called the paramedics. Dan himself was a doctor. So he searched for miranda's polls he could barely feel it. He administered cpr until the emt's arrived. But neither he nor the medics could revive her. Miranda was declared dead on the scene the victim of a heart attack though miranda did have a history of cardiac issues. Her relatives back in pennsylvania had doubts as to whether they had killed her and their suspicion grew when they learned she had taken a drink from the mini bar right before collapsing. They took it as evidence that something else was a foot in just five days later it seemed they were proven right on may thirtieth at the bahia principe romana hotel staff entered a room to clean. They found two guests lying on the floor unresponsive. The housekeepers rushed to get help but it was too late. The couple was already long dead. The resort identified the bodies as sixty three year. Old edward homes and forty nine year old. Cynthia day of maryland. The pair had been scheduled to check out earlier that day. An autopsy revealed they had eerily died from the same cause as david harrison pulmonary dima. All three were cardiac related deaths in which fluid filled their lungs. But in edward and cynthia's case no one called for help. If their hearts gave out at different times one of them should have been able to dial reception but there was no call indicating the two people suffered identical heart attacks at the exact same moment with three dead guests in under a week. The bahia principe chain realized they needed to get ahead of the press. The hotel company released a statement stressing that they were doing everything they could to help the families of the deceased and they would cooperate with local authorities to determine if there was any link between their deaths but it was too late to contain the story. It had already reached america though. The dominican republic investigation was still ongoing. The tourist deaths headlined. Us news networks. Like cbs cnn and fox. Meanwhile americans were canceling travel plans and on june sixth the us ambassador to the dominican republic robin s bernstein made an official statement trying to reassure the public. She acknowledged that authorities were still performing toxicology analysis on homes and day. But so far there was no connection between miranda's death and the other couple but the american public still believed something sinister was going on. in paradise. People contacted new stations with their own terrifying from the same resorts including a wilder montez. Montez had been a guest at the bahia principe bougainville back in october. Two thousand eighteen. It was the same hotel where miranda met her and one year later soon after taking a drink from the minibar a wilda experienced searing pain and vomited blood. Medics reported she had suffered chemical burns to her tongue plus indigestion but that she would be fine. She was lucky she hadn't had more than a sip as it turned out the seven up was not a soda at all. The bottle was full of bleach naturally by he principal apologize claiming it was a terrible mistake. They offered a wilder and her boyfriend their choice of complimentary couples massage and upscale dinner reservation or a few free days at the resort provided. She waved her right to sue. A wilder refused but she eventually decided against legal action. She was furious but she didn't think it was worth it to bring the hotel chain accord and for a while. She believed it was all an accident. A wilda theorized that a cleaning person put bleach in the seven up bottle to make their work easier. Maybe the commercial bleach containers were heavy. And they didn't want to lug them around or perhaps they were trying to save money by sneaking bleach home but they accidentally forgot it in the minibar. Eight months after the accident in june two thousand nineteen. A wilder still did not feel any sensation on her tongue. Still she maintained. It was an accident that is until news outlets. I reported the three deaths at bahia principe hotels. What if the bleach hadn't been a mistake. Now that people were dying a will have to report her story so she called up.

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