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All right there's like a grass pitch work ratio that go to a rural area you're going to see a lot more pitchfork sales yeah that's fair that's fair ace hardware does not operate the same in new york as it doesn't yes the suburbs you get it aren't we in manhattan in this story yeah but in eighteen thirty two oh shoshu okay so there's maybe like us skyscraper that reaches like ten feet our bordering into statistics so at that to our mathematical genius yes our list of subjects there's nothing we're not good at we're gonna i can't even say it with a straight base so a months later months later after he died somehow sure in the house she took on a new suitor aaron burr where all the hamilton people are freaking out again oh yep because aaron burr killed hamilton oh shit you spoiler alert lot of a lot of people's minds are exploding that you know so little about amber no nothing i know i know and that's okay to me but to some people it's not just me i mean we also know that history is like your forte so also english is my first language but let's also add that when hamilton thing happened i was like okay when i watch it i'll really dive into it and then i never watch like saw right and so i kind of was like why missed the boat so i'm just not even going to like right so i just ignored it that's fair which is stupid but anyway what i get it at least like you knew like it's at least i'm going to own that i never yet got into it at the right time to like it but few years i'll probably watch it when it's cheaper and then it'll be like what i'm so in hamilton and everyone's like god damn it because.

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