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Sick and yeah. Of course they're basically trying to scare me damn it. We're going. We ask somebody from across the pond about how Karuna buyers is being seen there and talk about bunch of this stuff. Berry Kirwin from Wexford Ireland and a friend ours. That comes on the show. Talk about general stuff. Do you know liberty issues. Ireland Brexit Corona Virus Economy Activism. He'll say hello to bury Kirwin Lou. Barry Hey how's it going? I'm excited about talking to you into my week on. Either I get to talk to Berry. And that's you know that's my win. Okay so tell me every little thing from your perspective about Brexit. Is it done going to be done? He kind of did it to what. What what. What's the news from you guys? Perspective from Ireland's point of view. I suppose where we're still in the EU and UK has left. We share a border north with northern. Ireland's going to haven't says sorted out their terms I suppose with the EU and that's all of for negotiation. Well they're gonNA build a wall you get into all between Northern Ireland and Republic Ireland Get All all well. They could build one. Vote would be deployed. I you know 'cause 'cause they threatened that they would because they're like. Oh we're going to have to Irish. Be Welcome here not there and we're going to cause the wall because be afraid I. I don't know what you know now that it's done. Serbia going thank God it's done or they just like Ono. The evil starts now and we're going to have a war. What what's the general consensus on the today? I think the general population probably just fed up even earing about. It's been constant abors last. How many years Gladys Sarda out of the way? And what will happen? Who knows a lot of Irish Exports Goto UK? We buy a lot of booed me. Dairy would be mainstay. Obvious with a lot of food. Leads OUR DUTY? You always has gone right back through the centuries so they still need to eat augustine. They're not getting their imports from China anymore. They're not even more dependent on local economy. And I think this Ron Virus. Just listening to your previous guest. Very interesting it. The economic impact of it. It's going to be much bigger than anything. I think we've ever seen Even if the turns out to not infect duminy economic practice the my support quite well and he sure as heck need an excuse. They need here. It's going to go yeah. That was yeah it was it was it was corona by. Did it the pinky swear? And I'm I'm I'm whatever its always black swan or something but Housi- economy there now and when they did. Brexit is all of a sudden factories. Shut down or or Jim backup. Or what no. It's been pretty. Negligible I suppose. Some of the larger companies Ireland would have lots American pharmaceutical companies. Here like so. Little and and facebook have head offices in. Dublin or likes your so. I can't see in the local economy. I suppose this outside of Dublin. Being Demand City is where most of the work is. The rest of the country hasn't really recovered from the recession of two thousand eight. Still limping along though will see what happens. I I don't think it's going to make too much of a difference to the economy as it is said well which is direction is it going. You have now you have the United Kingdom going out. And they kept their pound you know they have their own. Central Bank of whatever the heck and then you got the European Central Bank and you know the public. Ireland is part of the European Union. Still and you're subject to a lot of whatever controls Ahab and using their money in the euro and is a Great Britain going to continue to accept euros businesses. They want to will can't what they'll they'll have to say like. International Trade is done in most of the major currencies. Well I mean if I go to McDonalds in London to my you know using a euro or pounds or anywhere in the UK using the pounds. The they wouldn't take a euro over the counter you'd have to go to a bank tax. Change okay. Have they ever have they ever taken the euro? No no okay. We'll see I'm like I'll see what the big deal is. You know I'm I'm wondering The European Central Bank. They're worried about BRECON. Contagion of the money economics going down. How how the Republic of Ireland look at the European Central Bank and their health? Whether we I suppose we are as astle housed at European Central Bank is by their print. Money go just like the Federal Reserve and the English Central Bank so I think like the economies of everywhere or slowing down. Anyway you look at the discount. Sales are house prices no matter what you every indicator has been to crash UNDIS- virus sports. Now as you say it's going to be excuse to blame it on even though going to happen anyway. Word Acer boy. Tell me how they're still negotiations with the crown of the British crown on your as the Republic of Ireland. Broke away totally completely. Bite me. We do our own laws on our land and property underneath college or is that a Brussels tank. How free is Republican viral? Well it's it's free from. We have on Parliament here. Stole Make Stone Up? Supposedly for the people like yourselves. What's the European law would be take precedence over Irish law if there was a conflict? Let's say between two. That doesn't happen very often when it comes down to it you got you know the European Union Court Sam. What's what and Republican Ireland. Has the Republican Party has to follow whatever the European Court says are supposed to. That's the tyranny of okay. Now wait a minute. Is the European Union viable in the future? You think it's going to start. Cracking leaving is a done or is it got a future. My personal opinion If decides to leave and has had enough of the bailing would say the smaller countries out. That's the end of us. Like European Union is really Germany and France. That's the digitally to a degree as the main economic powers or looks like Italy might be saying.

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