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Live but then janet jackson showed bubis one year in the super bowl and you would have thought that we were all our eyes were going to turn in two stone because of this uh so we put it delay system in let's go to babi who's in l a on fox sports radio hello bobby very guy the guy what's up bobby what's on your mind fateh mayweather mcgregor fight yeah what about it would you got me your ten cents here oh i i think i think we're gonna take it accord curve embarked in may wherever the biggest cheater but air mcgregor sheriff mark about epa 5050 shop banned nearly a fighter he knows how to fight any other orange so our fvo markham out i i i would say one of the biggest stars of you knocked out the one guy and every ben by far before bobby if it's a fiftyfifty shot when i'm in vegas i will bet on conor mcgregor is not a 5050 shot is not even close to fifty fifty it is not an even fight it's like saying an eightyearold fighting a he's on coal is in even fight it's not it is a momentous match is what it is you know that bobby just like if mayweather if mayweather went into the octagon against mcgregor i would bet every i have on mcgregor in that situation okay yeah sure that's true but if there were no professional echo fight now it's not it's it's not it's us it's a farce is what it is not our is on oh if not be so you ever so we i am i going to pay for it curve i'm gonna get it for free or good here i i i don't wanna know how you're going to i think i know how you're going to get it but it's dog well what what being before yang up on me then you would if they'll wrong with the clippers nothing guy they have jerry west they're wrong with the quicker you may dana g so happy days been in a bad mood because magic johnson could have committed tampering with paul george jerry west is now.

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