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Alternative I'm Zak Babin KJRH golf because windows dot com twenty four hour traffic center as dry air continues upon the west that will boost your grandfather off to the east the kind of the weather where these really party tonight the general trend is for us to be drying out sing a clearing sky tonight those drop down the sixties hi freshman sunshine Monday and Tuesday highs mid eighties more storms Wednesday I'm address type work weather channel seventy eight from the K. T. R. H. keep cool with a R. S. twenty four hour weather center it's eight thirty one our top story Houston mayor Sylvester Turner says tomorrow he and his top officials will name a local leader to see the head up a room to see and head up the remote burning of the city the leader will partner with business sector and nonprofit organizations twenty five years ago was the Oklahoma City bombing were one hundred and sixty eight people were killed because of social distancing their friends and families this year are not able to gather at the site for remembrance ceremony but they will honor them instead with a video tribute the NBA finally has announced that they have reached a deal with the players union they will be reducing player salaries by twenty five percent and it goes into effect on may fifteenth news on demand that KTR H. dot com our next update will be at nine o'clock breaking news as it happens now we go back to in the oil patch hi Sally Adams on Houston's news weather and traffic station newsradio seven forty KTRE H. and we're back you're listening to and or patch radio show our guest today is Dave a black man the editor of show magazine okay David so let's talk before the break we're talking about OPEC plus OPEC and non OPEC plus plus.

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