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And then mostly cloudy sixty six tomorrow it's forty nine right now at my talk good morning under you win police is a my cockatoo alert updates a quick look at what's happening and entertain online either on top of my client guy okay and joining me this is new for the dirt alerts are not admitting need your dealer but it's like a mid level her look hurts access it's a ace sears husky i have yard alerts yes it is okay so the ira have guys is jim carey has spoken out about how he and tommy lee jones really really did not get along on the batman movie they did together the courses has been a number of years but he dan man forever yes and he says i was at a restaurant the maitre d' said oh i hear you're working with tommy lee jones he's over in the corner having dinner so he goes over chillemi says how're you do and tommy in the blood just drained from his face it's like he had been thinking about me 24 hours a day he was just not happy with him that he wasn't this star yeah jim carrey goes on in that interview to talk about how tommy lee jones his couldn't get over the fact that he wasn't the star of the film and getting white sanchetna going i believe this one hundred percent waya believe this is because tommy lee jones if you right now dawn at six o'clock in the morning to call any entertainment reporter yeah all around the country the interview stars like goes to what they call the junket yes tommy lee jones of an old wilson uh tommy lee jones and been swan are on is on everybody's list of the biggest pricks aren't gallery of people hate him because of his face wrote chris lewis like a twenty year old pera waiters i on the swamp loyal.

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