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Is rate the Powerful in practical stuff that you just laid out. Thank you so much. I'm interested to hear what have you. Learned about yourself during the process of conducting these three sixty reviews of taking the three sixty views of anything that you haven't already discussed a lessons learned about yourself along the way why I think the biggest thing. That I've learned. Steve Is. On there was a lot of people. At the end of their lives and. I mean it's been I've been privileged to be with both my parents before they passed away with other relatives in France, and you know when when people get to the end of their lives, they only regret to things that they regret not loving the people closest to better and they regret the chances they didn't take and and the sad thing is, is that most of those chances were not you know extraordinary I wished I had tried to go to space or something it was you know I I wish I had tried to be a teacher. Would have been a good teacher. You know I felt like I had a book inside of me and it never came out and you know and I think that's tragic and so I'm trying to live my life with his few regrets as possible and help others to do the same. and. So you know I think that one of the great lessons that I've learned is the things that I envy now. If I don't them I. I'm GonNa Regret them later. So when when I was a young parent and I saw fathers who had great relationships with their sons in their daughters, I envied that I'm like I wanna be that kind of A. See if I didn't address that than later in life that would have become a regret. I see you know people who you know, envy. Manage their finances well, and now have some choices later in life. Well, I realized very early on if I don't I'm not a wealthy man but. I've got some freedom to do some things because. I made some choices early on that I wouldn't have regrets as I. got into our Empty Nest, and and as I looked down the road, I don't believe in retirement but I've choices about what I WANNA do with the rest of my life. What you envy now Steve If you don't address you'll regret and then the last thing I would just say to you is you know I think everybody ought to have a mission statement I mean, that's That's in every leadership book. You read my mission statement is to equipping encourage leaders for greater back I mean that's what I wake up to do every day. That's why I feel God put me on this earth but I think everybody also ought to have a process statement. Right. So your your mission statement is is, why do you exist your process statement is what do you want that to look like are how do you want to exist? So my process statement is I'm GonNa, do really hard things with people care deeply about and I wanNA have undoing song to do hard things with people care about and have fun doing. And so. You know those two things you know you know I I wanna live life with regrets. Help others do the same I want to do hardly like you're about to have a great time doing those have been to really impactful things for my leadership journey. that. I think I would share with every human being. If a if they ask and you did. that is very, very helpful Am Glad that you open up a little bit in the mission statement and process I I don't think I've ever I. I've definitely heard people talk about. Mission statements. Wife goals in life missions but I don't think I've heard anyone couple those together. But you're staying on our message that you align behaviors at the desired results. Well, you have the desired result was the process in order to get there. So that makes sense mission process a COUPLA together. So is there anything that I missed so far in this conversation and where can people engage with you from here? We'll Steve I think first off done a great job preparing this I do a lot of these and a very few been as as well outlined Dr of I felt so well prepared for. So thank you for that I'd love to engage with people. They're really a couple of ways. One is just hit me up on email my emails lyle l. y. l. e.. At integris I N. T. E. G. R. US DOT ORG our website integris dot org if you WanNa see a little bit more about how we engage with individuals teams and then on on instagram and twitter it's simply at lead with lyle I post. Oh, two or three little leadership nuggets tweets or tattoos. We call them every week occasionally. Is My thoughts get prompted something a little bit longer, but it'd be also a great way to to stay connected to Kim you to continue to enrich some of the free market we established today allow Thank you so much for the time and those are listening I'm GONNA put. Make. Sure that the the the mission loudest shared will be in the show notes it makes us earldom to the show notes connect with wild whether it's twitter instagram or on Lincoln and shoot him an email if you're interested while thank you for taking time for this Even again in this conversation, you've impacted me personally and I know that there's going to be a lot of people listening in here that to the grabbed a ton of value. So thank you so much are traditionalist. Been My my pleasure is privileged to work with you Steve Hungry leaders of my favorite people on the world and your boat. So thank you for let me be a part of this today. Take away an action item. Now, this is difficult. It's particularly difficult because there was so much packed into that conversation but if I have to choose one takeaway, it would be this. I need to align my behaviors to get the desired result. So do my behaviors aligned with my beliefs or the desired outcomes heavy one action item I have got to write out my personal mission statement. Mission as Lyle said is why you exist and process is how you fulfill that mission. The close out our time together, I haven't ask that's a little bit different than other episodes. So if you did enjoy this conversation, here's what I'd like you to do. GO TO CCB TECHNOLOGY DOT COM slash podcast click on this episode and when the episode page loads copy the webpage address tasted into whatever social media platform you have the most influence. Now I focused only on linked in for social media but CCB in every interview we on multiple platforms. So don't forget to tag us when you post we love the encouragement and it helps spread the word about what we're doing here. And if you enjoy different episode, just do the same thing. It's fun to get everybody else involved. Until, we meet again from US here at CCB. Thanks for listening..

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