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Weekend. Thank you very much for that. Let's get into some of our big conversations joining us. Now, the London studio is Louise's deadly Hermes equity portfolio managers. Thanks for coming on the program. Let's start with the European Central Bank. Bloomberg intelligence team said that he ECB's forecasts aren't aging. Well, it's time for a downgrade. But they're saying don't expect anything just yet you have to wait for June. Because that's when we might get more details on acquitted measures. I mean, what are you? What are you looking for from Mr. dragging the coming hours? So I think previously what's happened is we've had a bit of signposting ahead of some of these announcements. So it's interesting that we haven't had so much visibility. This time. But at the same time in a week. We're very much kind of in wait-and-see. We're not expecting Tim big surprises. We know everyone's very much on tenterhooks in terms of what's going to come out of it. So a thing would not expecting too much extreme moves in our direction. A lot of the focus is on whether or not we're going to see another round of tell tro these altered cheap loans for European banks. What kind of a game changer without be from your perspective? If and when the actually announces that we did see banking stocks yesterday, for instance, rise as well hopes were ignited, shall we say that? So really in terms of very much focusing on those kind of risk on trades. And we have seen kind of coming out with that trough lots of volatility. So at the point that things are starting to really be a bit more bullish. Can we continue with that is that sustained? And that's really what we're looking for is. Is there some real momentum behind this is it being supported by some of the fundamentals or is it really just because we're coming off such a low bottom. The it was right for there to be a little bit. Mat momentum to bring us back to level is it. I mean, you look at the rebound that's taken place in the last few weeks, and it makes sense for investors to tactically taken some of the chips off the table. I was speaking to Mark Mobius earlier, and he basically cringed when I suggested that there were any opportunities in Europe at the moment, he says it's way too much certainty. There's way on. Nuff growth where are you? See the opportunity in Europe. Yeah. I mean for him. You know, he's a big guy. Expectations on grace thought maybe way above that. Certainly within Europe. They're all laser companies that do have a lot of exposure to those EM markets that you know, he'll always love so much. And that's always been a focus were looking at how companies earning their revenues is that coming in through domestic markets or not when they're all volatilities around currencies, for instance, within the m. That's when some of these companies do struggle at the moment, we've got a strong dollar. So some of those emerging market companies will be struggling because of that themselves. So therefore, we do certainly see opportunities within Europe and within the European space. You know, there's a loss of innovation happening. There's lots of companies that have been investing that have been. Putting a capsule to good use making making. Kind of benefiting from the cheap capital that's available to them. And so we're hoping to see some of the benefits the productivity gains coming three from that in the next couple of years. All right, Louie, Studly, we're gonna continue to this discussion. In a matter of minutes here on Bloomberg radio, east of the equity portfolio manager.

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