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Welcome to minority corner with an gay and James the wonder twins Apolo. Cassidy learn laugh play. It's like blows clues only. It's more black queer and lady lies. This week on minority corner episode one sixty three my lady love Wade is a sixty three or sixty two this one sixty three. I don't know where I'm at who am I my name? Name will years this. What's going on go again? No, no in this. Okay. Oh, this is how restarts. Never forget. Well, what are we doing this week? Oh, man. I am going to be talking about black people and horror movies, and what's it to use them to snuggle up to your booth thing? Maybe we Gary in January. Why was that? Like the perfect slogan. Does perfect. We're also talking about we're talking about how I guessed it on judge John Hodgman. Yes. Baby shower. You've been on the base books. I've been trolling the fishy. Strengths Raleigh troll. And. Them and us control. And and might probably have some do with Kamala Harris is bid for president and the optics of what happens to black women when they're also wanna talk to you about the controversy around the women's March on if you've heard about this. Ready to hear about it. Yeah. We're gonna talk into dock, and then you know, what, you know. I before the election cycle kicks off on some tips for you. No in the listening closely. Specifically me I need me skips. Well, I got I got you covered of how we can stay sane and this election cycle chosen twenty. So he's not repeat the mistakes that thousand sixteen a men to that. So we got grab bag Wease presenting time jamboree he'd get your temporary now because we get into it by for their. Wow. Wow. I hope it can just at it. Although sounds on top of each other. I'm speechless. I think we need to go into the show. Sure. Let me get my music about. I wanna say most literally. See music behind this right now. Oh, yeah. I forgot where music..

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