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Probably also goingto win the MVP. You have the defensive player of the year. The two time N B A. M v P and you could not get past the Miami heat. This is the Miami Heat squad. This is what the numbers look like tonight for the heat. Jimmy Butler 17 points. 10 rebounds, six assists. Tiley hero poured in 14 Goran Dragic's poured in 17. Jae Crowder gave you 16. That seems like the Miami heat every single night. It's what do we need to do as a basketball team in the flow of the game to go out and win? It's not Let's force feed somebody the ball. It's not a simple formula. You know the threat that the Miami heat poles with their three point shooting, but you also know and understand that they are going to be a relentless basketball team. You got a hot hand, write it. Jimmy Butler. Khun do what he did tonight with 17 10 and six and Jimmy Butler can also go out there and get your 30 points. You can also get you 40. A Duncan Robinson. One game can come out and automatically lights up for eight threes. Tali hero can do what he did tonight. And poor Runa Fortin. We can see this. On a consistent basis where you don't necessarily know what's coming from the Miami heat. The problem for the Milwaukee Bucks. Is not the same for them. You can have Ah de Vicenzo, who comes out and plays like he's back in college. That lasted for what I have. He finished.

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