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Clinton wonder jokes and then this how and more importantly why they told it this week. We're running two thousand nineteen interview with gilbert godfrey. What people are out here. Having their hot girl summers is. I spent all summer talking to comedians about september eleventh It was four piece coming out on vulture next week to mark the twentieth anniversary while there was tons of art that reacted to nine eleven. There's something different about the nature of being a stand up comedian. They are on the ground immediately. Afterwards you know the job of a comedian. It's not unlike boots. On the ground pollster. They were able to read what the temperature of the country was at that time so talking to them really paint a very distinct picture of those few months after the attack and that story would be incomplete without the now legendary tale of gilbert at the fire scupper host of hugh hefner telling a joke. That went so poorly. His only response was to tell the aristocrats for those unfamiliar with gilbert's career. Who have not seen the incredible documentary about him. Gilbert there are few things. I feel like you should know i if you're a millennial Gave her take. You probably best no in from the rose or playing allowed guy or allow parrot in your childhood. If you're younger maybe know him from those things or or voicing the aflac duck or some other loud cartoon but maybe just know him from periodically getting in trouble for saying hacky offensive shit right after a tragedy that the happiness the tendency to tell old school like joke book jokes. It's it's hard to really understand if you don't really entire career. But the only way i can bear to is like a secret agent in a movie who is into deep like he doesn't remember who gilbert was before he started doing these types of things but like ultimately what i'd say he's much closer to andy kaufman and i think people who weren't following him closely probably realized he. He is driven by getting a genuine audience reaction regardless if it's positive or negative he is in my opinion avangard and the two soon thing you'll hear talk about it. It's a compulsion. He's sort of half do it and believes someone's got to. I think you know. I mean you'll say you. Can you can judge for yourself. Lastly in in the case that you have in watch the two thousand five documentary the aristocrats. The aristocrats is less a joke. More a joke form so it. Basically family goes into the italian agent. The talent agent asked what their act is. The family does some wild stuff. And when it's over the agent goes and what do you call yourselves. And the father goes the aristocrats the game for comedians backstage agent green rooms or late night at parties. It's a see how far they can go with describing the act the version. You're about to hear some good was two thousand five album slash. Dvd dirty jokes and it really is a dirty joke. Like it's not just dirty it is it is gross. It is grotesque. it really is. Do you need to know that. The idea of a joke like the aristocrats or or or say arrose joke is to context. That says we all know this is quote unquote offensive because we all know that it conceptually should become less. So does it again. That's up to you but you have been warned so here is gilbert offered. Well i got one more quick wadden. Do end the sweat. A talent agent is.

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