David Koresh, FBI, Davidians discussed on Tim Constantins Capitol Hill Show


Will offend all those people here the ones who act like it is the one thing i to say that which i think is very very funny where we come from a country that tout's uh religious freedom and we say everybody is equal and everybody has a right to observe their religion and worship in their own religion um when david koresh in waco texas i started his own religion the fbi came in a burnt the place down and killed everybody what's the difference between david koresh and the muslim religion what is the difference people because they're saying david creches religion he was sleeping with uh some of the younger people there a that's okay in the muslim religion they know the people in waco texas never killed anybody the branch davidians and they won't even go into a mosque even in this country all you can go into a moslem because sacred ground but when once again when you think about it was okay to kill american citizens on american soil four exercising their right to worship differently but people that are out blowing people up and killing innocent people and terrorising the world it's not okay to stop them it's not okay because liked obama is having a meeting today with a secure the council and how to deal with what's going on with isis and apparently i heard this during the news break uh one of the chief things he's going to be a promoting is tolerance great tolerance for isis tsui going to tolerate them we not a big deal we have a president in charge that is literally telling us we have to be tolerant of the people that are terrorising the entire free world just be tolerant don't don't upset him that's the worst see we have in charge in in with all this going on alqaeda is starting to make a comeback that's the big news came out early this morning that al qaeda is starting to come back a little what's when kiss was popular and they went away for a while now came back with a reunion hey this is isis to electric took a lead so they're probably thinking hey you know what an isis is doing pretty good and obama doesn't have a.

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