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Or so And we'll be we'll be looking for healthy normals for our trials because we're doing basic research so you know. The government maintains a list I forget where it is. But there's a website of all clinical trials And you can search it by drug or condition and and you can simply apply And i've met many people who've managed to find their way into one of the legal trials and that that would be the safest way to approach it. It's not necessary to have a guide. People have good experiences without one. But i think that Gonna be using a high dose Again the lessons of the native americans and other indigenous cultures are there should always be an elder involved. Someone who knows the territory You shouldn't do it alone You should do it with a clear sense of intention and this'll sound weird but it should be surrounded by ritual People who use drugs of all kinds in a ritual way and this goes for alcohol as opposed to a want and way Tend not to get in trouble with them. the rituals themselves are protective. I mean you know like our our social rituals around drinking that you you don't you don't drink alone you drink in the evening with other people with food all these kinds of things. Have you know. Culture has its own rules and those rules often are the result of trial and error and can be very protective. So i think you know paying attention to those lessons and that's The the lessons from indigenous peoples on how to safely use these drugs because they've been added a lot longer than we have michael's. I hope you're doing amazing work. You've had an impact positive impact on many many people including your current interlocutor. So thank you for taking the time to come on the show. Dan was my pleasure to be here. Thank you we do have one last order of business before we let you go here. And it's a little invitation to participate in this show. We hear on the ten percent happier. Podcast are very busy preparing a series of episodes that will be posting in the coming weeks about how to navigate one of the most complex and dominant forces in many of our lives work. Many of us spend more time with our colleagues than our family and yet sometimes we forget to treat these relationships with any level of intentionally add into the mix the changing nature of work at will employment remote work the gig economy and you have a recipe for frustration burnout and more so in this series of podcast episodes were and explore how to better handle your co workers to boost your resilience in the face of What can sometimes seem like a sisyphean a mountain of work and how to cultivate skills to handle the combination of these two dynamics. We don't want to do these shows without your participation however so were right now officially inviting you to send us some questions so that we can learn more about what kinds of challenges. You're facing so that we can better craft these episodes to help you out. And we'd like to hear your questions via voice memos so that we can play the questions right here on the show for our experts to submit a question. Just follow the five easy steps that are listed in the show notes and yeah thanks encourage you to participate. Thanks to michael really enjoyed that. This show is made by samuel. John's gabrielle's zuckerman dj kashmir justin.

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