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My mom had <Speech_Female> a terrible <Speech_Female> fall during COVID. <Speech_Female> So <Speech_Female> we ended up bringing her <Speech_Female> to stay with us. <Speech_Female> And my <Speech_Female> mom doesn't do <Speech_Female> nature walks, and <Speech_Female> it was just lovely <Speech_Female> how my daughter <Speech_Female> put <Speech_Female> her trainers on my <Speech_Female> mom <Speech_Female> and held <SpeakerChange> her hand <Speech_Female> and <Speech_Female> walked her through <Speech_Female> cowley's parking <Speech_Female> the chiltons. <Speech_Female> And <Speech_Female> there was emotion. <Speech_Female> There was <Speech_Female> joy, and I saw <Speech_Female> my mom looking at <Speech_Female> the snow <SpeakerChange> topped trees <Silence> and Carly's <Speech_Female> park. <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> I moved <Speech_Female> by that pray, <Speech_Female> have you taken your family <Speech_Female> out? I'm <SpeakerChange> sure that <Speech_Female> story moved you as well. <Speech_Female> Yeah, <Speech_Female> it really did. <Speech_Female> I <Speech_Female> take my knees out <Speech_Female> to the P two, <Speech_Female> and I can and <Speech_Female> I'm actually from <Speech_Female> Derby. My <Speech_Female> family live in Derby. <Speech_Female> And the Pete <Speech_Female> district isn't very far <Speech_Female> at all yet, <Speech_Female> you know, it wasn't the <Speech_Female> norm for us to go and do <Speech_Female> that. So I took my mom <Speech_Female> for 55th <Speech_Female> birthday and we <Speech_Female> went to devda <Speech_Female> walked up thought cloud. <Speech_Female> And <Speech_Female> she was so proud of herself. <Speech_Female> We're going up. <Speech_Female> And I was just so proud <Speech_Female> of her as well, you know, <Speech_Female> together, and I'm <Speech_Female> like, you've done that. You <Speech_Female> know, now that you've done that, <Speech_Female> you know, you know it's <Speech_Female> not that scary. <Speech_Female> You know, you <Speech_Female> can do more. We can <Speech_Female> go out. So I think <Speech_Female> it's <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> really inspiring what you're doing guitar <Speech_Female> and I think encouraging <Speech_Female> more and more <Speech_Female> people to get out is <Speech_Female> <SpeakerChange> a 100% <Speech_Female> what I want to do as well. So <Speech_Female> very quickly, because we are going <Speech_Female> to run out of time, <Speech_Female> how do you? Because <Speech_Female> that's gator said sometimes <Speech_Female> you don't feel those <Speech_Female> spaces a few. If you don't <Speech_Female> see anybody like <Speech_Female> you in the <Speech_Female> countryside, then <Silence> how do you take that first <Speech_Female> step? <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> It's hard to <Speech_Female> take the first step. So, <Speech_Female> you know, <Speech_Female> going into the polar world. I <Speech_Female> didn't know anything about it. <Speech_Female> I started looking on Google. <Speech_Female> I started following <Speech_Female> loads of different <Speech_Female> pollocks, <Speech_Female> explorers. <Speech_Female> And there are so <Speech_Female> many different outdoor <Speech_Female> groups now as well. <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> There's that you can <Speech_Female> get involved in. <Speech_Female> And I think going <Speech_Female> with a community, <Speech_Female> it so helpful <Silence> because you're <SpeakerChange> then just not on <Speech_Female> your own. <Speech_Female> Brilliant. And Joe, <Speech_Female> very quickly, what were <Speech_Female> the three P's again? <Speech_Female> Just leave us <Speech_Female> with a good motto for the <Speech_Female> weekend. <Speech_Female> Preparation <Speech_Female> <SpeakerChange> planning <Speech_Female> and purpose. <Speech_Female> Preparation planning <Speech_Female> and purpose. <Speech_Female> Woman's almo <Speech_Female> priest, Gita, <Speech_Female> Joe, thank you so <Speech_Female> much. <Speech_Female> Lots of you getting in touch <Speech_Female> via the text. Let me get a few <Speech_Female> of them out there. Ten years <Speech_Female> ago, my door. Oh, <Speech_Female> no, I've read that one. <Speech_Female> My moment of breaking <Speech_Female> boundaries came when my daughter <Speech_Female> suggested doing the Yorkshire <Speech_Female> three peaks challenge <Speech_Female> my husband said, don't be ridiculous. <Speech_Female> You're 47. <Speech_Female> Red rag <Speech_Female> to a bull. I trained <Speech_Female> and successfully completed <Speech_Female> the challenge. <Speech_Female> A few months <Speech_Female> ago, but still <Speech_Female> angry at the suggestion <Speech_Female> of being too old. <Speech_Female> You 47 yeah, <Speech_Female> yeah. And I went and <Speech_Female> did the national <Speech_Female> three peak <Speech_Female> challenge in 22 <Speech_Female> hours <Speech_Female> good on you <Speech_Female> and good <Speech_Female> luck Prix. <Speech_Female> Come back and tell us <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> all about it, have a lovely <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> weekend. That's it <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> for me. Join <Silence> <Advertisement> me tomorrow for weekend women's <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> hour. <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> That's all for today's <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> women's hour. <Silence> <Advertisement> Join us again <SpeakerChange> next <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> time. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> That's the moment it hit me. I'm <Speech_Male> like, oh my <SpeakerChange> gosh, <Speech_Male> I think I'm in <Speech_Male> a cult. I used to think <Speech_Male> to myself, these <Speech_Male> people are mad when <Speech_Male> till I realize <SpeakerChange> that I'm mad <Speech_Music_Male>

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