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Wendell Cartagena, Miami, Browns discussed on The Right Time with Bomani Jones


No the is two hundred dollars. I hear day next day. I win spent about five thousand dollars on. I'm like I gotta be prepared. It is because it was like the beginning of the winter wedding. This code is going to be probably like twenty. Twenty fifteen degrees something like that. They're like Oh. This is nothing this started like people walking that was short sean and stuff. I don't like Oh my God. Then we had that crazy snow that crazy storm will negative life fifty degrees. He's outside right with the windshield native sixty or something like that and luckily we was in Miami when that thing he's always good then but now people who had died with that they let sixty or something like that and luckily we was in Miami when that thing he's always good then but now people who had died with that they let us crazy man this. You can help me. I've been trying to explain this to people while it sounds like we found out of touch with mankind. Combat is the truth. I say if you cannot afford a thousand dollars coat. I understand but I bet for you that is worth every dime absolutely love. Have you dial it that coat that woodworking walk into the store just like I need help because the other thing like I guess the ACC into too many super cold places. You'd never really had no exposure to any any place. That was annual lake. Yeah Yeah right there. That's what make it worse they win coming in and that is Wendell Cartagena. Check him out with the Chicago. Bulls this year my man. I really appreciate to stop through research you all right Jim. Thanks so much for joining us here on the right time we do too. Thank you a couple of times a week. Mamane gave Bassein has everything behind the scenes. Thank you sir. Thank you to window ndo Carter the Chicago Bulls also thanks to our sponsor. Ziprecruiter also WanNa let you guys know we've got a fall series star within the next week called sideline that dies deep into into the world boosters and hundred dollar handshakes college football. It's collaboration between the right time Spencer Hall Site Banner Society. It has nation. It'll be every two weeks in October November. Remember Spence is going to join next week then Marcus Spears Stephen Godfrey of SB nation and then close it out with Joel Anderson of slater excited about it think you'll enjoy to be on the lookout for more INFO also be sure to check out the bill. Barnwell show this week each ads with ESPN's Lindsey theory about the Rams J. Trotter about the browns and Doug Farrar of USA Today about a a little bit of everything else download described the bill barnwell show also subscribe to the right time wherever you get your podcast rate us

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