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Jrue holiday is going to be on trae and that's going to be interesting okay. They're going to have to find a way to defend. yana switch. even the nets didn't do a very good job of even though he's with his bull in the china shop of style of play. But you know now. We're at the point. Where no more house money now. No more okay. Therefore wins away from the nba finals. Okay something the hawks haven't done what sixty years since they were the saint. Louis hawks right. That was the only time. And and i tell you something. This segues into the bucks series mitch. The hawks aren't one of those. And i'm putting air brackets around this super teams okay. They were built through the jeff john collins. Okay kevin herder trae young. It's one of the things they're young they're long. They're athletic and they're fun to watch. And and mitch. They are going up against a team. And i don't know who other than the bucks dot that they were gonna go into brooklyn even with harden injured even with kyri not there and win game seven against kevin durant the way they were playing. And i'll tell you something. Mitch and i say this to basketball fan friends of mine for the past couple of days. All love praise for the legendary performances of kevin durant. Okay but don't go to sleep on the the guy who also scored forty points on saturday night and that is jaanus and by the way. Mitch scored one more basket in overtime. The kevin durant it. Yeah well first of all that game seven is a classic and i. It was one of those times that i wish that we were still on sunday mornings because we could've talked about it right after saturday night. If you think about this if kevin durant moves his sneaker about a half an inch back. The nets are in the eastern conference finals right now. There is no overtime that shot that he hit that to send the game into overtime. Sports is a game of inches. I forget maybe just came up permanent. I've heard it sounds like a foreign expression him but he was. He was literally an inch or less on that line. And we're not even having this discussion right now. And i just i just Remember a line that they. I think it was once attributed to jack johnson. He could beat anybody he just couldn't beat all of them you know. And and it's the same thing for kevin durant. He can make any shot he had to. He just couldn't make every shot and by the end. The brooklyn nets had disintegrated down to give the ball to kevin and have him save us that. That's that's basically what they were and he almost did it again. At the end he will forever. And i'm sure other people will forever be debating on that final shot whether he just should have spun often. Go gone down the basket. Who would have stopped. There was literally nobody nobody on that side of the court but there might have been something inside of him that said i can't do another overtime period. I got a win this thing now. Because i don't have anything. Put up an air ball and i. I was tweeting about this on saturday night. And i love steve nash okay and he had decided what he was gonna do on saturday. Night kevin durant played all fifty three minutes. Okay and i don't take any objective. Person could look at the overtime and not think he was guest. James harden on plan on one. Good hammy played all fifty three minutes. Okay the they basically played five guys. Jeff green but away just a quick sidebar on jeff. Green didn't he scored like twenty seven points and game five. He didn't take a shot on saturday night. He zero zero. They went with five guys. And mitch i swear to god. It showed up in the overtime. I mean you can try to win a regulation game with that and just gas it out to the end. But you're right mike. There's only five guys who scored iran harris griffin who had unbelievably great game for guy was supposed to be done. I mean he. He left everything out there. Harden and and bruce brown who also had a fantastic game played fifty two minutes. Mike bruce brown played fifty two hard play. Fifty-three durant played fifty three. Yeah harris played. Forty-seven you're right. They they were going to die on that hill. And maybe that's why durant said this has got to be three or gone because we're not lasting at you holiday you gotta see. He played him straight up. Mitch and i know a lot of people always say why is it janas on him because holiday is capable of being a one on one defender like that. Okay and let me. Just say i will do. A major may ecopa. Today i will never say another bad word about. Chris middleton okay because he was the best player in the gym in the overtime he made two huge shots and mitch in a game. Seven where talking about trae young coming back from a horrible shooting hap- okay. Milton was twelve for eleven in the first half and i thought he played his ass off in the second half. I thought holliday had the same kind of shooting first half and showed me something about both of them the way they played possession after possession with their season online. Yeah and we need to talk about. Milwaukee obviously more to come now. It's going to be interesting series between them and the hawks but we need to to sort of do the post mortem on the brooklyn nets so this was the grand experiment of the twenty twenty twenty twenty one season the assemblage of the nets adding kyrie irving durant coming back from his injury hard and of course finding his way onto the team forcing his way onto the team At the beginning of the season by basically just just shutting himself down in houston and getting what he wanted by going to where he wanted to go i am. I know you're going to parting. Shot on this later on and good good for that because it needs to be said i for one am not particularly upset that the nets are out or the lakers are out. We'll see what happens with the clippers because this assemblage of all we need are a couple of superstars three super three superstars two superstars and two fantastic superstars..

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