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Thirty five minutes after one o'clock day today a little bit overcast. Fifty eight degrees could be sixty three today. Chance of rain tomorrow with a high of sixty one degrees. Our yesterday on this show. Ben rehauled announced he was going to run for United States. We've had no announcements that I'm aware of since by anybody either party or. Any party I should say because multiple parties not just to. That they are going to run for the curly held by faith. Senator Tom udall? But that leaves open feeding congress. Northern New Mexico congressional district number three. So as I predicted it would be a mad scramble and all kinds of people looking at it or have announced. Now, let me tell you the people who have. Or who won't say who have announced they will not run some of these people I floated the name out there, including the mayor Alan Webber did it on air. And I did it collected works on Sunday journey Santa Fe because he was sitting right there. Everybody wants to be mentioned as a viable candidate. And I mean everybody so these are the people who have announced they will not run. For CD three. That would be hit your ball dares. He also now's he was not going to run for Tom udall for Senate. Alan Webber, not gonna run Brian ego. House speaker says he will not run. Democratic state land Commissioner Stephanie Garcia Richard says, she will not run. And a couple of Republicans PR PRC member Jefferson bird in Farmington business, owner Thomas moans, they will not run. So who may run well, the Valerie's may run. Valerie plame say now. Did she might run the United States Senate seat or she might run for the congressional seat? She told me she's pondering has has tons upon during to do. But two people have announced as soon as been Ray said, yeah, I'm running the United States Senate leave my feet opening congress to Democrats have announced including rat tone businessman, and as they Representative from all Kaldi Joseph Sanchez of all called it. First term Representative. He's in district. Forty engineer lanell and a rancher. He's announced he's going to run for congress. And Mark McDonald a businessperson businessman. A developer. Business developer for a medical hill..

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