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Is it is a show on Nickelodeon in the nineties called guts I would have never gotten a house by Michael Malley really yeah Michael Malley host of the show wow game show hosts here we go two six two very good Richard Dawson was a masterful emceed by the way my mom thought it was awful that he kissed every female contestant a lot of people felt that way is weird I thought Dawson was I thought he was great on family feud he's great he's great on match game two until he got mad until we have to stay there but after you know because he thought a contract with match game but he was he became like you know family feud you surf match game as top top rated game show and so he was on tell you know he was in the B. was the host of the biggest game show on TV but he still had a contract with match game so you can see those episodes were like like you know like I said best bet definitely match game seventy eight that was his last that was last year but but but like half of match game seventy seven match game seventy eight he was just grumpy clearly didn't want to be there you know at the beginning when they show up when they show each contest each star in he would hide his face and stuff like that assists but he was great and he was great on family feud yeah has is the guy from home improvement but yeah well everybody family feud the role right now Steve Harvey is the the main dude now love Steve Harvey on that show did Mister Peterson from Seinfeld host that for peer to time Peterman yes he did Peterman hosted at Louie Anderson hosted it with Louis Anderson host it late eighties early nineties wow yeah I got it try to find that yeah it was that Richard Karn these are these are the guys who hosted family feud Richard Karn Louie Anderson I can't remember the guy who plays Peterman I can't remember isn't it a dozen John something John overly yeah and and then I believe I don't know if there was another one but then it went to to Steve Harvey now he's like the you know they they say he's the best since Richard Dawson probably I agree I got to give it to him he's funny he's very funny Steve Harvey's always been forty did you ever see the kings of comedy I yeah the Spike Lee concert film yeah he's whole layer yes he was the he was the host obviously everybody to set yet the great Bernie mac.

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Nickelodeon, Michael Malley, Richard Dawson discussed on Nick Digilio

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