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I think the silence there was appropriate. I don't know about you Matt bear, he's got traffic, Terry. Stacey cleanup a one. Mike concentration's right there. Actually, I'm doing really well. We're looking at a crash you bring the banana, she'll bring the Honey that's that's the rumor that's the riotous heard. That's all there is to it. Got shot with a banana. And by the way, only one. Going to. Sixty five very heavy before you as thirty one over to Michigan road. We're also looking at drag on eastbound four sixty five Michigan over to ditch wrote outside of that. We're looking good fifteen minutes from now the northbound sixty five closes from the four sixty five interchange up to the southwest. Okay. That's happening. That is as first phase of closures have winning this week nine eight an shutting down all lanes. There's going to be two other phases closing nine PM tonight. And you can read all about that. WIBC dot com under traffic blogs. It's called I sixty five sucks. Again, traffic sponsored by Drexel interiors. Go with pros, go Drexel interiors for Timberlake kitchen and bath cabinets. Visit Drexel's new design center on one hundred forty six street at river road or on their shave Drexel. I n dot com. I very traffic on the FIS. Follow us on Twitter. WIBC traffic. We get to the bottom to the bottom of the facts. We gotta get to the bottom of today's top stories. What's going on?.

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