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Got nothing David. Look back at it. The the operative word is morning okay with you. We're not not early in the morning anyway. Saturday Justin Herbert and number six six Oregon. We'll look to keep their college. Football playoff hopes alive against our old buddy Herman Edwards and the Sun Devils in Tempe. You'll see at seven thirty eastern on. ABC and you can see see it on the ESPN APP back to the NFL and either or on some of the big match up to the NFL weekend. Dominique we start with this Aaron Rodgers for the forty nine or d who you got forty nine hundred that front is ferocious and they are the most effective pressure of anybody in the league and Aaron Rodgers with depleted weapons around him. I think the secondary is going to be able control his weapons and he's not a guy who takes a lot of risks and he can't run away from these D- lives imagine that this D. Line is going to give them a whole lot of problems. Almost Kirsten got thrown up a whole lot of problems because they are scared. Call Myself Jeff. Well next up It's dominic again who you got Lamar Jackson or Aaron Dow. Let's easy Lamar Jackson. Aaron Donald Fan. Lamar Jackson especial as much as Aaron. Donald can get in the backfield. The Mark Jackson is going to make him look like he makes these other guys look and and I also believe that Marshall Yawned is important. Part is he's the best most highly rated pass blocking guard in the league. So he's not going to shut down Aaron Donald but he's GonNa have a lot more trouble than he normally half a week that we can end what will be the highest rated game of the NFL season Patriots cowboys. Jeff Saturday he got or the Patriotdepot Patriots. Viva longshot. Look they're number one and third the best in recorded history. This this team could flat out play in the backfield. They can get pressure if they need to. They can bring they can line up on three now on forty four percent of the opposing drought. That is absolutely insane. Hundred percent going with patsy. You have devastated the president of the Prescott. Thanks up next to you and Dominique well. Let's talk talk about the Patriots for a minute. Let's talk about that guy. There continues to be a ton of speculation about whether or not rob Gronkowski might return from retirement yesterday. The announced a business based the plan to host a Super Bowl Party in south Florida after that announcement he told the ESPN's migrants the following quote. I wouldn't say never coming back. I'm I'm thirty years old. I'm young I still say fit still watch the game whenever I can still enjoy. I'm feeling good but you know one year off could possibly be the case for maybe two years old. It's always he's an option in the back of my head. It's not like I'm not staying in shape and not doing anything on never stress over it. That's a far cry and I WANNA.

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