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Crimes. The estimates of his global financial empire. Are that? It's it's worth somewhere in the neighborhood of fourteen billion dollars. Now's the time. I saw estimates of the cost of building a wall across the border and those estimates again, we're in the neighborhood of fourteen to twenty billion dollars. And there was a natural and even elegant symmetry there, and the beauty of it is this is legislation that would allow us to secure the border without spending even a penny of taxpayer dollars. And it would take the billions drug cartels have gotten through trafficking illegally across the border and use those ill-gotten gains to secure the border, finally. Who's acting like a baby who's refusing to budge and do what is right to protect our nation. It's Nancy Pelosi, and is I referred to him shutdown Schumer. But the fight right now is between a president a citizen who's trying to do the right thing and secured, the US Mexican border provide wall were border patrol says we need wall segment and put some boots on the ground. Put whatever is necessary to protect this nation because he loves America. Definitely. And he's showing it with his deeds. Eight four four three four four Dana is the number to call. I'm Sergio Sanchez and for our friend. Dana lash. I love going to the range. What I don't love is loading MAGS instead of shooting, and what if I told you that loading MAGS could be fast and fun. Again, you've tried those other so-called speed letters another collecting dust somewhere. Trust me because I was in the same camp until I learned about the elite tactical system loader and sought for myself. The loader is the fastest loader ever made guaranteed. You don't even have to touch the rounds, and you can load a Magon three seconds or less..

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